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Segments For November 11th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Another Lost Deduction in GOP Tax Plan Stirs Anger
- A Big Builder Merger, As Companies Position For Higher Mortgage Rates
- Home Prices Up Sharply in August — Are They Unstoppable?
- Homeownership Rate Up Slightly in Q3
- Nevada Luxury Market is Expanding
- HUD Waives 19 Regulations to Speed Disaster Recovery
- Colorado Builder Launches ‘Boot Camp’ to Train New Workers
- Cash Not Necessarily King, in New Home Sales
- How NAFTA’s Future Will Impact The Housing Industry
- Uptick in Vacant Properties May Signal Easing of Tight Inventory
- Mortgage Lending Becomes Riskier in Hurricane-Damaged Areas
- Report: Adding Solar Adds Value to Real Estate
- Western New York Sizzles — With An Important Side Benefit
- MBA President/CEO Prods Congress to Act on GSEs
- What Housing Needs From Next Fed Chair
- Study Reveals Southward Tilt in Moving Plans

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What Tight Inventory Means to You – Part 1

We are back, with our special “Where we Stand.” In which we dig deep, into exactly what’s happening right now in today’s real estate market…and how it all affects you.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard that one of the biggest challenges in today’s market involves what Real Estate Pros call inventory. That is the number of homes for sale… And right now there just aren’t enough. There are far more buyers, than there are available homes.

So how does that affect you? Well it depends on whether you’re a homeowner, a home seller, or a home buyer. So let’s talk about it, starting with what low inventory means to you – if you are a homeowner.

In short? It’s good news.

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What Tight Inventory Means to You – Part 2

Back again with our special “Where we Stand…”

drilling deep into what’s happening in today’s real estate markets, and what it all means to you. Now we ended up the last hour of today’s show with a discussion about inventory….

And how the shortage of homes for sale in many markets, is causing property values to rise, which of course, is helping homeowners grow more equity. They’re accumulating wealth at a rapid pace, thanks to the appreciating home values.

We also looked at what that means for sellers, who are often coming away with bigger profits at the settlement table.

But now let’s take a look at how low inventory, and rising prices affect home buyers across America. Because for buyers? It’s a bear!

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Segments For November 4th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Mortgage Deduction Takes Hit in GOP Tax Plan
- GSE Reform Could Come Before Senate by End of Year
- Mortgage Relief For California Wildfire Victims
- Harvey, Irma Cause Spike in Delinquencies
- Housing Cost May Be Depressing Bay Area Job Market
- Childless Couples Driving Market for Condos, Townhomes
- SoCal Home Prices Continue to Soar
- Remodeling Market Maintains Strength in Third Quarter, Despite Challenges
- NAHB Chief Worries About Impact of GOP Tax Bill
- Home Price Increases Pick Up The Pace
- Apps Are Nice, But Mortgage Shoppers Want the Personal Touch, Too
- What New-Home Features Do Baby Boomers Really Want?
- Washington, DC Offers First Responders Help Buying Homes
- Trump Signs Disaster Relief Package, Includes Money For NFIP
- The Coming Boom in HELOCs
- Study Finds Clients Are Not Influenced By Attractive Agents

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The Two Best Days

We wanted to wrap up this hour of the show with a look at a truly wonderful part of home ownership.

But first – ever heard that old joke about boats? The two best days in the life of a boat owner are the days you buy it…and the day you sell it!

The joke is, of course, many boat owners can’t wait to get rid of it!

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The Down Payment

Do you know what the biggest barrier to homeownership is? I bet you do. It’s the down payment.

Show me a person with a great job, and a great credit score. The best possible candidate for a mortgage, and a house. But – without that down payment, they’ll have no choice – but to rent.

And the fact is many home buyers believe you need a full 20% of the purchase price for a down payment. But that’s not the case. Because in today’s market you can get a high-quality mortgage for as little as 3% down.

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Segments For October 28th 2017

Top News Of The Week

- Housing Market Labor Crunch Gets Worse
- New Home Sales Jump to Highest Level in Almost Ten Years
- VA, Ginnie Mae Launch Task Force to Probe Aggressive Lenders
- Parents Tap Into Equity to Help Adult Children Become Homeowners
- Mortgage Interest Deduction Eroding Under GOP Plan
- NAHB’s Dietz: ‘Choppy’ Times Ahead for Housing
- Dallas Has SF In Its Sights for Title of Tech Capital
- Yes, In My Back Yard — Introducing YIMBY
- Hedge Fund CEO Says GSE Reform Is Last Piece of Puzzle
- HOAs Claim Six In Ten New Homes
- The Words That Helped Sell Homes in 2017
- Music Helps Close the Deal, Too
- Bitcoin Breaks Into U.S. Real Estate
- No Long-Term Hurt to Home Prices From Big Hurricanes, CoreLogic Says
- Mortgage Money Harder to Get in Second Quarter
- Boomers Find McMansions Are a Tough Sell

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Haunted House for Sale

We wanted to wrap up with a question. One that you might not hear a lot. And that question is:

Do you live in a haunted house?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Well obviously, answering a question like that depends on what you believe. Some people think ghosts really exist…while others are sure – they don’t. Just your imagination.
However, regardless of whether you believe in ghosts, haunted houses or the paranormal in general – here’s a fact:
Battles over the sale and purchase of alleged haunted houses have gone all the way to the courts – as buyers and sellers duke it out!

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Renting to Owning

All about the things that creep you out – when it comes to real estate….and – all the reasons there’s really nothing to be afraid of!

We’re going to wrap up today’s show with one of the biggest and most fundamental fears out there. That terrifying moment, when you consider leaving the rental apartment behind, and buying a home of your own.

Now THAT – can be pretty frightening!

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