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Segments For November 10th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Home Price Growth Continues to Slow
- Amazon Said to Be About to Announce HQ2 Decision
- Millennials Challenged by Rising Home Prices
- Number of Homes for Sale Up For First Time in Four Years
- Gradual Rate Hikes Won’t Hurt Market, Says One Builder
- Millennial Homeownership Rises, Overall Rate Flat
- Wilmington Market Rebounding After Florence
- Hold off on Christmas Decorations
- Homebuyers Want Digital Mortgages
- Study: Still Tough for First-Time Buyers
- Carson Remains Optimistic About Housing Reform
- Your Home Valuation Estimate Is About As Good as a Computer’s
- Homeowner Associations Growing
- New Lot Sizes Still Historically Small
- Best Cities For Single Homebuyers
- The End of The Garage

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The Market and You – Part One

Back again now with our in-depth look at real estate in America, in our special show ‘Where We Stand!’

We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show by talking about what all this means to you. Because after all, any given real estate market means different things to different people. So let’s take a look at that.

Right now, we are seeing some evidence that the seller’s market we’ve been in, is shifting to a buyers market. That may happen over time. But right now, in most areas of the United States, it’s still, so far, a seller’s market.

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The Market and You – Part Two

We are back, with our special show, ‘Where We Stand.’
A snapshot of real estate in America – right now – and what it means to you.

As we mentioned in our first hour, today’s real estate market could be making you more wealthy, as home values rise, in every passing year. That means if you’re a homeowner, or plan to sell your house – the market’s great!

But if you’re looking to buy a home – you may face a different situation. Because in many places, there aren’t enough homes for sale, for all the buyers out there. And those buyers often have to compete…waging bidding wars – even giving up inspections – just to get a house. That can be brutal.

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Segments For November 2nd 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- As Rates Rise, Homeowners Set to Tap Equity
- New Home Sales Fall in September
- Higher Prices, Interest Rates Challenge Buyers
- Home Prices Rise With Labor Shortage
- Charlotte’s Unaffordable Affordable Housing
- Which Market Has the Edge in the Amazon Sweepstakes?
- Study Proves Effectiveness of Hurricane-Proofing
- The Expensive Effort to Make Houses Look Old
- Redfin CEO Says Housing Faces ‘Perfect Storm’
- Senate Bill Would Help Low-Income Seniors
- New Website Helps Non-English-Speaking Homebuyers
- Live Video Making Its Mark in Real Estate Marketing
- Women Transform Florida Retirement Living
- Patios Becoming More Common in New Homes
- Homeowners Like Their Neighbors

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No ‘Net!

Back now with our special, “The Internet of Things.” An in-depth look at how today’s technology is transforming the American home, and your entire real estate experience.

We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a question, about one of the most fundamental parts of our connected world. And that is what happens if you lose Internet?

Just think of it. Many homes in 2018 are literally alive with internet-connected devices. Starting with your router, which sends Wi-Fi, and hard-wired internet throughout the house.

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Safety, Independence and Comfort

We’re back with our special “The Internet of Things”. An entire program all about the sea change occurring in America and around the world. We are more connected than ever before, thanks to the internet, Computers. Smartphones. And the new voice recognition devices.

And I’d like to wrap up today’s show by talking about the voice recognition devices, because they are by far the hottest selling tech in the world. Research by Futuri, which puts clients on the Amazon Echo platform, indicates that by the year 2021 nearly two billion people in the world will be using voice recognition devices. We’re talking about the Amazon Echo, the Google home, and Apple homepod.

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Segments For October 27th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Damage Estimates After Hurricane Michael Rising
- Housing Starts Dip in September
- Builder Confidence Improves in October
- Zero-Down, Subprime Loans Backed by BofA
- Modular Housing: The Answer to Denver’s Affordability Crisis?
- How ‘Paid-Off’ is Your City?
- New DC Affordable Housing For ‘Grandfamilies’
- A Dozen Chicago REALTORS® Lose Their Shirts For Charity
- PIMCO Remains Bullish on Residential Real Estate
- Senators Seek Probe of Luxury All-Cash Sales
- Foreclosures Now Lowest in 13 Years
- Panic Rooms The Hot New Thing in Wealthy Hamptons
- Two Out of Three Buyers Don’t Shop For a Mortgage
- Debt-to-Income Now Main Reason For Mortgage Denials
- Midsized Markets Could See 2019 Investment Boom
- Hot Fall Home Decor Trends

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Losing Home

We’re back with our special “Scary Things,” all about how sometimes, issues involving real estate can keep you up at night! But – when you know the facts, most of the time it’s not so frightening after all.

Talk about something scary – when Real Estate Today first launched, we were in the middle of the economic crash.

Whether they suffered a foreclosure, or they were forced into a short sale, for many people, the most frightening real estate nightmare of all – came true. They lost their homes.

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Is Your House Haunted?

We’re back – with our special “Scary Things.”

We wanted to wrap up this hour of the show with a question. One that you might not hear a lot. And that question is:

Do you live in a haunted house?

Yes? No? Maybe?

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