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Segments For February 10th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Millennials Drive First Increase in Homeownership in 13 Years
- Home Price Gains Hold Steady in November
- Home Seller Profits at Ten-Year High
- Was Alexa Super Bowl Ad A Hint About HQ2?
- 2018 Market To Look a Lot Like 2017 in Detroit
- Early Start to Spring Buying Season, Says MBA Chief Economist
- Affordability Crisis? What Affordability Crisis?
- Demand for 55+ Housing Hits New Record
- Single Family Rentals In Affordability Crisis
- Construction Spending Hits New High in December
- Cash Sales Of New Homes Tie Post-Recession High
- Online Petition Calls on Cities Not to Give Amazon Too Much
- High Tax States to Sue Over Federal Tax Reform
- Millennials Discover Florida Market Dominated by Retirees
- Price of Imported Softwood Lumber Climbs to Record High
- Top Landscape Design Trends For 2018

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Living Alone

A tribute to Valentine’s Day, and an opportunity to just think – about all the reasons we love the place we call home.

And I’d like to wrap up today’s show, by talking to all of you who come home every day, to – no one but you. To everyone who lives alone.

Because if you do live alone, and you don’t have a significant other, Valentine’s Day can kind of make you feel, like you’re not in the club!

But let me share something with you. Something you might not know. Something to consider, on Valentine’s Day.

And that is? More adult Americans than ever – are living alone.

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The Best Valentine’s Gift

Welcome back to our special, “Love Your Home…” A celebration of Valentine’s Day – real estate style!

So – on this Valentine’s Day – are you going to give your loved one – a present? Maybe a dozen red roses? Or a box of chocolates? Maybe even a bottle of champagne, and dinner on the town. Or maybe all of the above. And that’s great. Because every one of those gifts says ‘I Love You.’ And that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

But – are you ready for another idea? A different kind of idea? Something that also says “I Love You…” but just not in the traditional way?

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Top News Of The Week

- Redfin CEO Forecasts Long Term Sellers Market
- Mortgage Rates Hit Highest Level Since 2014
- New Home Sales Dip in December, Close 2017 Higher
- Foreclosure Activity At 12-year Low
- Home Price Increases Accelerate in November
- Protesters in Chicago Don’t Want Amazon
- Remodeling Market Index Reaches 16-Year High
- Foreclosure Wave About To Hit Puerto Rico
- How Smart Home Tech Benefits Your Pets
- Chase To Offer Digital Mortgages on Smartphones
- Prepaid Tax Payments May be Deductible, After All
- Receivership Could Be In Fannie, Freddie’s Future
- Who Relies Most Heavily on Immigrant Labor?
- Bay Area Buyers Frustrated By Competitive Market
- What Kind of Return Home Remodeling Actually Generates
- HUD Looks To Deregulate Manufactured Housing
- Student Loans Are Hurting Millennial Homeownership

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Building Wealth

Back again with our special ‘Homeownership!’ All about this place you call home – and why it’s so important to you, your family and your future.

And we’re going to wrap up this hour of the show by talking about your household wealth. And how owning a home helps you build that wealth over time.

It begins when you buy a home of your own. And it happens in two different ways.

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Don’t Blow It!

We’re back with our special ‘Homeownership!’An up close and personal look at what owning a home means, to you, your community and to America.

And right now we’re going to continue our discussion about how owning a home can help you build wealth over time.

In our first hour we walked through the ways it happens – a one-two approach, of paying down your home loan, while property values rise – over time. It’s a tried and true technique.

As we mentioned, there are downturns. But typically, home values rise over time – and as a homeowner – when values rise, you become more wealthy.

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Segments For January 27th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Does One Metro Area Have the Early Edge in the Amazon Competition?
- Another Temporary NFIP Renewal
- Housing Starts Take December Dip
- High Prices, Low Inventory Lead To More Bidding Wars
- NY and California Homeowners Face Higher tax Bills
- It’s Getting Easier to Get a Mortgage
- Fannie Mae Chief Economist: 2018 Will Be Like 2017′s Market
- Construction Workforce Is Becoming More Foreign-Born
- Buying Is More Affordable Than Renting in Most Markets
- How Tax Reform May Hurt Second Home Owners
- How Consumers Ease Into Smart Home Technology
- Where Mortgages Rates Will Wind Up in 2018
- HUD Unveils EnVision Centers
- Granny Flats The Hot New Thing in Bay Area
- Survey Finds Consumers Are Embracing Virtual Reality Home Tours
- What’s Your Kitchen Priority?

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Move Out and Rent It!

You know, here at Real Estate Today we believe in listening to people, and learning from them. The people who really know what they’re doing.

Now here’s one example: Warren Buffett. One of the richest men in the world, who started by investing in real estate. And we’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with one of his. famous quotes, and what it means to you. That quote is?

“Never invest in a business you can’t understand.”

Those are wise words for anyone, and especially for those of us who want to invest in real estate. You have to understand what you’re investing in.

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Rent it Right!

We’re back again now with our special: “How to invest in real estate”. All about getting you started down the road towards owning retail, residential, office space, or real estate investment trusts.

In our first hour we talked about one of the most common real estate investments in America. And that is moving out of the house you currently own, and renting it out. You move to your next place but you keep the first one.

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Segments For January 20th 2018

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