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Segments For September 9th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Harvey Devastates Houston Housing Market
- Builders Push For Lumber Deal, Post-Harvey
- Home Prices Continue Unparalleled Rise
- HUD to Tighten Reverse Mortgage Rules
- MBA Guides Texas Homeowners After Disaster
- REALTORS® To Send Help to Texas
- Jumbo Loans Get Less Expensive
- The Home Renovation Generation Gap
- Harvey a Reminder About Importance of Flood Insurance
- Home Prices Up, But Affordability Improves, Too
- Fannie Mae Eases Down Payment Rules For ARMs
- NAR Pushes For NFIP Renewal
- California Mayors Push Legislature To Act on Affordable Housing
- The Outdoors. It’s Where You Want To Be

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Second Home First?

We’re back with an in-depth look at the ins and outs of buying a Family Getaway, your retirement home, or an investment property in a nice resort area.

You don’t many people around the United States would like to buy a second home. But they have one big issue. They don’t have their first home yet. It’s pretty understandable, because many people who live in some of the nation’s biggest cities find home prices are sky-high. I mean you can’t just reach into your pocket and pull out a couple of million dollars in New York City or San Francisco or other big dollar real estate markets. And so for many of those people especially in their younger years, the idea of owning a home of their own appears to be Out Of Reach.

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After You Buy With Friends

Today we’ve been looking at all the ups and downs and in and outs buying a second home in today’s real estate market. I want to leave you with a thought a few thoughts about buying a second home with family or friends.

Many people do it.. Because they find a great spot and they really want to buy a house but they can’t quite swing it on their own. So they go in on it with members of their family or good friends. It happens all the time and it’s a great way to get your foot in the door of a second home. Not sure if you do that you will have to qualify for a mortgage as a team, you’ll have to share the down payment and the closing costs, and you’ll all be on the deed most likely.

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Segments For September 2nd 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- The Cost — So Far — of Harvey
- Congress Faces Tight Deadline To Act on Flood Insurance
- New Home Sales Fall, Still Above Last Year’s Pace
- Down Payments Keep Shrinking
- Are More Homeowners Defaulting on PACE Loans?
- Newly Rebranded ‘Mr. Cooper’ Launches Mortgage-Linked Credit Card
- Come On Upstairs to Our Living Room
- Where is The Housing Growth Happening?
- Freddie Mac Offers Some Borrowers Appraisal-Free Mortgages
- How Rising Interest Rates Are Changing the Mortgage Market
- Where Have the Affordable Starter Homes Gone?
- Single Women Flex Muscle in Milwaukee Home Market
- Millennials Homebuying High Anxiety
- More Are Equity Rich; Fewer Are Seriously Underwater

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Where Is Smart Home Tech Heading?

We’re going to look ahead. I mean with so much Smart Home Technology out there – it’s fair to ask where is all this headed?

Well the fact is, Smart Home Technology is big business…And it’s getting even bigger.

The website marketsandmarkets reports that in 2015 Smart Home Technology was approximately a 47 billion dollar industry.

And they also report that by the year 2022 just 6 years from now… the industry will have grown so much, Smart Home Tech will be A 122 billion dollar business.

As it grows, Smart home Tech is headed in three main directions.

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Do You Really Need a Smart Home?

We’re going to wrap up with a question – Do you really need your home – to be a smart home? Or is your home just fine the way it is?

Let’s take a look at that. And let’s look at some of the smart home devices we talked about today… and whether you really need them.

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Segments For August 26th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- HARP Extended Through 2018
- Housing Starts Fall to Three-Month Low, As Homebuilder Sentiment Soars
- Good News and Bad For Mortgage Lenders
- Fewer Say It’s a Good Time to Sell
- Invitation, Starwood Waypoint To Merge
- New NAR CEO Goldberg Says Change Is Driving Industry
- Slight Uptick in Refinance Loans in July
- Single Family Homes Are Now Getting Smaller
- Home Depot: More Spending, More Doing
- No Change in Fannie, Freddie Credit Scoring Until 2019
- Slight Downturn in Home Affordability in Q2
- Keep Manhattan, Just Give Me That Countryside
- Brave New World: The First-Ever All-Digital Mortgage Closing
- New Reports Show We’re Getting Better at Making Mortgage Payments on Time
- DFW is Nation’s Number One For New Homes
- Luxury Amenities Make Their Way Into Moderately-Priced New Homes

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Move Out & Rent it!

Right now, we’re going to talk about one of the most common ways people all across America start investing in real estate.

And that is – when they buy a new house – they keep the old one – and rent it out. It makes sense. Because you know your current house pretty well. You know the mortgage, you know the utilities, you know the taxes. Think about it! You know its history, you know its operating costs, the neighborhood, the schools – you know that place inside-out.

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Becoming a Landlord

We’re going to wrap up by continuing our look at a tried and true method of becoming a real estate investor – and that is – when you move to another house – keep the first one, and just rent it out!

In our first hour we talked about all the ways to get ready for that step – including making sure you’ll generate enough rental income, and whether your lender will approve you, to carry both properties.

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