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Segments For August 11th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- More For-Sale Signs Are Coming?
- Wildfires’ Blaze of Destruction Rages on in California
- Study: Boost Your Credit Score For Mortgage Savings
- Grading Neighborhoods for Buying Potential
- 8 States That’ll Hold Half the Population By 2040
- Bye, Bye Escrow Accounts?
- Mortgage Rates Surge to Fourth Highest Level of 2018
- Making Music From Homes
- HUD Bans Smoking in Public Housing Buildings
- Maryland Town Blames Development on Flooding
- Reuters Investigates Tenant Allegations Against Rental Giant
- Give Up Your Car for Cheaper Rent?
- Renters Crushed by High Rents
- Wells Fargo Ordered to Pay $2.9B in Subprime Fallout
- Toys ‘R Us Stores to Hit the Auction Block
- A Wonder-Woman Inspired Island

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Move Out & Rent it!

And we are back! With our special “First Time Investors!” A step-by-step guide to entering the world of real estate investments – buying real estate for income, and long-term wealth.

And right now, we’re going to talk about one of the most common ways people all across America start investing in real estate.

And that is – when they buy a new house – they keep the old one – and rent it out. It makes sense. Because you know your current house pretty well. You know the mortgage, you know the utilities, you know the taxes. Think about it! You know its history, you know its operating costs, the neighborhood, the schools – you know that place inside-out.

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Becoming a Landlord

Back again with our special ‘First Time Investors!’ A quick start guide to adding real estate to your portfolio!

And we’re going to wrap up the show by continuing our look at a tried and true method of becoming a real estate investor – and that is – when you move to another house – keep the first one, and just rent it out!

In our first hour we talked about all the ways to get ready for that step – including making sure you’ll generate enough rental income, and whether your lender will approve you, to carry both properties.

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Segments For August 4th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

Flood Insurance has been reauthorized and signed into law….on the very day it was scheduled to expire. In other words? Just in the nick of time. This means the program will be able to continue renewing existing flood insurance policies, and continue issuing new flood insurance policies for four more months. The bill S 1182, the “National Flood Insurance Program Extension Act of 2018,” was signed into law by president Turmp on Tuesday.

The bill reauthorizes the Federal Emergency Management Agency to enter into new contracts for flood insurance and borrow from the Treasury up to specified amounts through November 30, 2018.

It’s only a four month extension – far less than the multiple -year extension the real estate industry – including NAR – was hoping for.

NAR hopes the four month extension will give lawmakers a chance to hash out the details of a longer-term renewal of the insurance program. The program, which serves 22-thousand communities across the United States, was set to expire on July 31st.

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Easy To Show

We’re back, with our special show ‘First Time Sellers!’ Filled with expert advice, tactics and strategies for making your very first home sale – a big success!

And right now – a few words about something that’s so obvious, you might not even think of it…..making your house – easy to show. So that every single potential buyer can see it.

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Welcome back to Real Estate Today, and our special show, ‘First Time Sellers.’ And right now? We want to tell you about one of the most important strategies out there: is don’t be a FSBO.

You know that term, right? ‘Fizz-Bo.’ ‘For Sale By Owner.’ And of course it means – trying to sell your home – yourself.

Yep. No REALTOR®. Just – you.

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Segments For July 28th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

Lawmakers in four states are suing the federal government over the provision in last year’s tax overhaul that put a cap of $10,000 on certain state and local tax deductions, including property taxes. The states—New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey—are among a group of states that have state and local taxes that can far exceed $10,000. Housingwire reports that the states say the deduction limits are disproportionately harmful to their residents.

Buying a home often means having to give up one feature to get another, but there’s one area where home buyers won’t make compromises: schools. More than 70% of people who took part in a recent survey by REALTOR®.com said that school boundaries were important to their search for a home. Over 90% of buyers with school-age children said the schools that serve a neighborhood were an important factor in determining if they would buy a home there. But, having the right school may mean some sacrifices. Garages, large backyards and updated kitchens top the list of features people are willing to give up in order to buy a home in their desired school district.

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Finding a REALTOR®

Welcome back to our special, “First Time Buyers!” An entire program looking at how to make the jump from renting – to owning a home of your own – in 2018.

And let’s wrap up this hour of the show with a really important topic: how do you find a REALTOR®?

There are a lot of different ways…so let’s talk about the best way for you!

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Don’t be a FSBO

Back again now with our special, ‘First Time Buyers!’

And we’re going to wrap up today’s show with a really important topic. Say you decide you want to buy a house…and you tell everyone you know.

What if someone, like a friend, a relative, or your landlord says: “Hey! I’ve got a house you can buy! And we can do it without any real estate agents. You can just buy it. And you will SAVE money.”

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