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Segments For January 12th 2019

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Top News Of The Week

- Shutdown Disrupts Some Real Estate Transactions
- Fewer Are Refinancing, as Rates Rise
- Mortgage Applications Tumble To End 2018
- Many Buyers Thinking Smaller (Cities)
- New York Market Cooling Fast
- Vegas Continues to Be Popular Destination
- Hard For Self-Employed Buyers to Get a Mortgage
- Bay State Goes After Airbnb Rentals
- November Prices Up, But Still Slowing
- Buying Opportunities in Cooling San Diego
- 2019 IPOs Could Make Bay Area’s Housing Crunch Worse
- Single-Family Rentals Gaining Market Share
- Watch These Seven Markets in 2019
- Net-Zero Growth Set to Soar
- Interest-Only Lending Falls
- New Yorkers Play Cat-and-Mouse

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Sellers Resolutions

And we are back! With our special ‘Sell Like a Pro!’ A comprehensive guide to selling your house – in 2019! And we thought we’d wrap up with a few New Year’s resolutions – designed to help you have a quick and easy sale.

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The Four Options

Today we’re talking about the most advanced techniques when it comes to selling your home. The tactics used by the top real estate pros in the country – when they sell their OWN house.

And right now we’re going to talk one of the best moments of all – the moment your REALTOR® calls and says, “we have an offer!” If you’ve ever sold a house, you know what I’m talking about. All at once – you’re happy, you’re relieved, you’re excited…and – you might be a little bit anxious. Is it a good offer? Should we take it? What do I do?

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Segments For December 29th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

Fed Raises Rate, But Signals Fewer Hikes in 2019
Single-Family Starts Fall
Congressional Democrats to Challenge GOP Tax Law
Trump Creates Opportunity Zones
Bay Area Housing Plan Could Include Higher Taxes and Rent Limits
HARP Set to Expire
Housing Is ‘Tale of Many Different Markets’
Texas Missed Out on Amazon HQ2 — But Who Cares?
Fewer Buyers Make Offers Sight Unseen in 2018
San Francisco Orders Developer to Rebuild Illegally Demolished Home
Active Buyers Are Taking Longer to Choose
Baltimore Realtor Calls on Grinch To Help Sell

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How Much is Your Home Really Worth?

And we are back….with our special show, “Ten Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home!” All about making your house – as valuable as possible, in today’s real estate market.

So here’s a question. Right now – what’s your house worth?

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What’s My House Worth?

And we are back! With our special show “Ten Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home!”

We’re going to continue our look at the price of your home now. As we mentioned in our first hour, it can be really difficult to answer the question – ‘what’s my house worth.’ Especially when you’re selling it….because that whole process finds different numbers attached to your house, at different times.

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Segments For December 22nd 2018

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The Zero Energy Project website

Top News Of The Week

- Administration Nominates Calabria to Head FHFA
- Home Equity Gains Smallest in Two Years
- Top Challenges Facing REALTORS® in 2019
- Sen. Warren’s Affordable Housing Legislation
- Minneapolis Ends Single-Family Zoning
- Millennials Undeterred by Rising Interest Rates
- NAHB Boss Explains Why Affordable Housing is So Hard to Build
- 2019 Economic Outlook And Its Housing Implications
- Americans Are Moving South
- Household Mortgage Debt at 30-Year Low
- Home Buyers Most Active Online On Weekdays
- Virtual Reality Puts You In Your New Home — and Saves Money
- Freddie Mac Says Housing Market Needs 2.5 Million More Units
- Where America’s Second Homes Are
- How Much It Costs to Have An Adult Child Living at Home
- Buyers On REALTOR®.com App Can Now Send a Text
- Want a Spa or Tennis Court in Your Basement?

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The Home Energy Audit

We are back! With our special ‘Your Green Home!’ All about your home – the energy it uses and the money you pay – for all that power.

Whether you live in a cold climate and have to crank up the heat, or live in a sunny place where you use your air conditioner most of the year, you probably know – to the penny – just how much you pay every month for utility bills. Well, let’s talk now about doing more than turning off your lights when they’re not being used, and more than knocking the furnace down a couple of degrees. Let’s talk about making a BIG impact on your bills – now – and for years to come.

And we’re talking about the Home Energy Audit.

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We’re back with our special “Your Green Home,” all about how to use as little energy as possible, and save as much money as possible, in your very own home.

You know plenty of us try to save money on utilities. We adjust the temperature a few degrees, we turn off lights when we’re not using them. And we might even adjust the thermostat on the hot water tank, to bring it down just a few degrees, and to bring down our Energy bill at the same time.

But even though all those efforts will save you money and will help the environment, there’s another approach to saving energy that thousands of homeowners are adopting.

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