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Segments For February 2nd 2019

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Top News Of The Week

– Microsoft Pledges $500 Million to Ease Seattle Housing Crunch
– Data Breach Could Affect Millions of Borrowers
– Real Estate Leaders Offer Help to Federal Workers
– Research Reveals Why Thousands Can’t Buy a Home
– Arizona Strong, Still a Challenge to First-Timers
– A Tale Of Two Markets, Analyst Says
– No Slowdown in Home Price Growth, Says FHFA
– Harney: Market Fundamentals Looking Brighter
– Mortgage Rates Likely to Remain in Low to Mid 5s, Banker Says
– Bay Area School District to Build Affordable Housing for Teachers
– Builders Lure Millennials With Luxury Townhomes
– Investors Eye Build-to-Rent Communities
– Foreclosure Activity At 13-Year Low
– Study Finds Mortgage Discrimination Against Gay Male Couples
– How Homeowners Plan to Pay for Renovations
– Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report

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The Down Payment

Back again now, with our special “Homeownership.”
Do you know what the biggest barrier to homeownership is? I bet you do. It’s the down payment.

Show me a person with a great job, and a great credit score. The best possible candidate for a mortgage, and a house. But – without that down payment, they’ll have no choice – but to rent.

It’s too bad for them, but it’s actually a good thing overall…because remember, it wasn’t too long ago that someone with zero money – could buy a house with zero down. Closing costs? Ha…just add ‘em into the loan.

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The Two Best Days

We wanted to wrap up with a look at a truly wonderful part of home ownership.

But first – ever heard that old joke about boats? The two best days in the life of a boat owner are the days you buy it…and the day you sell it!

The joke is, of course, many boat owners can’t wait to get rid of it!

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Segments For January 26th 2019

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Top News Of The Week

- Lower Interest Rates Boost January Builder Confidence
- California New Home Sales Tumble
- NAR Helps Ease Impact of Shutdown
- Housing Market Likely to Slow in 2019, Says Economist
- Nashville’s Luxury Market is Growing
- Have We Become a Nation of Homebodies?
- End of HARP Spells Tighter Credit Access
- Millennial Buyers Are Taking Out BIgger FHA Loans
- New Mexico’s Largest Market ‘Great Place to Be a Homeowner’
- Mortgage Employment At 10-Month Low
- Older Americans Face Rising Housing Costs
- Where Prices Are Being Reduced
- What The Smart House of the Future May Look Like
- Builders Offer Incentives Again
- Renters Want to Buy, But Many Can’t Afford To
- Balancing Affordability, Safety

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A New Home Buyer’s Checklist! – Part 1

Continuing now with our special, “Build like a Pro,” all about making that dream come true…of building a brand new custom home, or buying a brand new home that’s just been built.

We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a list of things you should do if you’re building or buying a new home. In our next hour we’ll continue the list with things you will definitely want to avoid…if a new home is in your future.

Solid information, that comes from our friends at the National Association of homebuilders.

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A New Home Buyer’s Checklist! – Part 2

Back now with our special ‘Build Like a Pro.’ An entire show about moving into a brand new home….one that no one has ever lived in before.

In our first hour we looked at the four things you should do when buying or building new. Steps recommended by the National Association of Home Builders. Let’s recap:

Number One – find several reputable, trustworthy builders

Number Two – ask them a lot of questions

Number Three – talk to people who live in house those builders put up

And Four….tour their models homes, with a microscope!

And now? Let’s continue our list of things to do – when going new. Ready?

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Segments For January 19th 2019

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Top News Of The Week

- Shutdown Impacts Real Estate — But Not Everywhere
- It’s Now a Buyers Market, For Sure, One Broker Says
- Winter Housing Could Be Boosted By a Drop in Mortgage Rates
- Half a Million More Homeowners Regain Incentive to Refinance
- Lennar Can’t Forecast For 2019 Due to Uncertainty
- NAHB Study Finds Even a Small Rise in Price or Rates Has a Big Impact
- Renting Is More Affordable Than Buying in Majority of Markets
- Silver Lining to Holiday Thefts: Security Upgrades
- Affordability is The Word Of 2019
- A New Kind of Chinese Buyer is Investing in U.S. Real Estate
- Points May Be Making a Comeback
- DIY Projects Homeowners Most Regret Taking On
- Seattle’s Housing Market is Becoming Normal
- Government Adds To Cost of New Homes, Study Finds
- Loans are Performing Historically Well
- Most Popular Home Upgrades At the High End

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Move Out & Rent it!

And we are back! With our special “Invest Like a Pro!” A step-by-step guide to buying real estate for income, and long-term wealth.

Ever hear that expression, only invest in things you know about? It makes sense. Because if you understand what you’re investing in, chances are you’ll make more informed decisions, every step of the way.

And that’s why for many people, the best real estate investment is in fact, something you know really well – and that is? Your house. The place where you live.

Think about it! You know its history, you know its operating costs, the neighborhood, the schools – you know that place inside-out.

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Becoming a Landlord

Back again with our special show ‘Invest Like a Pro!’ A quick start guide to adding real estate to your portfolio!

And we’re going to wrap up the show by continuing our look at a tried and true method of becoming a real estate investor – and that is – when you move to another house – keep the first one, and just rent it out!

In our first hour we talked about all the ways to get ready for that step – including making sure you’ll generate enough rental income, and whether your lender will approve you, to carry both properties.

But now, let’s say it all worked out – and you did it. You are now living in a new home, and your old one up for rent.

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