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First-Time Sellers

Segments For July 27th 2019

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First Time Seller Mistakes

We’re back, with our special show ‘First Time Sellers!’ A much bigger deal than BUYING your first house – because this transaction comes with the potential of making money….possibly a LOT of money. So you want to do it right.

With that in mind, let’s look at five mistakes first time sellers often make…and how to avoid them!

Mistake number one: Making every issue a deal killer. Now sure, this is a big transaction, and your first sale. People are probably telling you that you only have one chance to get what’s coming to you, because once you sign the contract? All negotiations end. Well, that might be true, but if you dig in on every single issue – it’s going to be a rough road, and you could just scare the buyers away! So try to prioritize…what’s really important, like the price, or the settlement date. And what’s not! Like – the curtains – or the gas grill.


Always Buy, Never Sell

We’re going to leave you now with an idea for all you first time sellers out there…and it’s also something any seller might think about….It’s an idea that may even sound revolutionary … and that idea is?

Always buy real estate, but never sell it. Ever heard that?

It’s an interesting concept. But right from the start we should tell you that only the very best ‘savers’ will be able to do it. Because the idea is – instead of just using the equity on one house to buy your next one – you keep the first house. And save, save, save to buy the next one.


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