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Secrets of the Pros

Segments For November 24th 2018

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– California Struggles to Recover From Deadly Fires
– NFIP Faces Expiration, Again
– Analyst: Home Prices Set to ‘Soften’
– Refinance Activity at Lowest Level in 18 Years
– How Next Congress Can Help Housing
– California Affordability May Foretell National Trend
– Buyers Expect House Hunt to Get Harder
– Agents Discourage Buyer ‘Love Letters’
– Shop Around For a Mortgage and Save
– Six of Ten U.S. Homeowners Are Age 50 and Older
– Homeowner Perceptions Are Changing
– FHA Won’t Cut Mortgage Insurance Premiums
– Tulsa May Pay You to Move There
– Mortgage Customer Satisfaction Rises as Digital Plays Larger Role
– Hackers, Thieves Target Real Estate
– Alexa, Pop My Corn. Then Order More


Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

As we wrap up this part of our special, ‘Secrets of the Pros,’ I wanted to share a simple idea – that can make the difference between making – or breaking the deal. And that is – to keep your eyes on the prize – at all times. The prize, of course, is a successful transaction, in which the seller sells, the buyer buys, and everyone walks away happy.

Sometimes transactions go smoothly. I wish they all did! But sometimes they don’t. The buyer and seller might disagree on something big, or small. And if they really dig in…that one issue could become a deal-killer.


Burying St Joseph

Welcome back to our special – “Secrets of the Pros!” All about the real estate techniques pros use every day – which you might not know about.

Now – here’s a secret for you – something every real estate professional knows about. Something that makes them smile. Something that sounds pretty unconventional.

But here we go. I’m talking about burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard. That’s right – burying a statue of St Joseph….the patron saint of the family and household needs.


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