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Maximum Value

Segments For October 19th 2019

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– California Now Has Statewide Rent Control
– CoreLogic Sees Continued Modest Home Price Growth
– Confidence in Housing Falls in September
– Quicken Loans CEO: Everything’s Firing on All Cylinders
– Home Equity May Affect College Financial Aid
– Bidding Wars Inching Up Again
– Couples Are Buying Homes With Separate Master Bedrooms. Guess Why
– More ‘Colors of the Year’ – Romance, and Naval
– Reno Wants 1,000 New Homes In 120 Days
– Illinois REALTORS® Stay Hopeful
– More Affordable Housing for Those With Disabilities
– The Top Home Improvements
– Odd Couples and Golden Girls Are Becoming A Thing
– St. Petersburg Wants Homeowners to Fix Their Own Broken Sewer Pipes
– Jumbo Loan Availability At Record High
– Your Home Can Help Cut Your Risk Of a Cold


Lifetime of Equity

We’re going to wrap up the first part of our special ‘Maximum Value,’ with all the ways that you can benefit – when you increase the value of your home.

And let’s split it up – using a timeline. Beginning when you’re young, and just starting out. Then moving on to your peak earning years – and finally, we’ll look at retirement – and what your home means then.


Getting that Appraisal Up There!

We are back with our special show ‘Maximum Value!’ all about how to get your home’s value up! As high as possible!

And we’re going to finish up today’s show with a quick talk about one of the biggest ways the value of your house is measured – the appraisal.

Sure, there’s the tax assessment, the list price and the sales price – but the appraisal price is one of the biggest and best ways the pros conclude – this! Is what your home is worth. A lot hinges on it! And let’s start there.


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