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Scary Things

Segments For October 26th 2019

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– New Home Starts Slip in September; Builders’ Confidence Rises
– Higher Demand Has Depleted New-Home Inventory
– Six-Figure Income May Still Not Be Enough to Buy a House
– Senate Democrats Want FHFA to Block Changes to new URLA
– DC’s New Affordable Housing Plan
– Shiller: Housing Market Reminds Him if 2005
– Foreclosure Rate At 20-Year Low
– Ghostface Helps Listings Get Thousands of Views
– Strong Indicators for Housing
– New York Luxury Real Estate Secrecy is Out the Window
– Commute Times At Record High
– Don’t Overdo a Halloween-Themed Open House
– Waypoint CEO Sees No Housing Crash
– Total Student Debt Could Buy Every House on The Market
– Senior Housing Wealth at Record High
– The Long & Foster Scent


Losing Home

We’re back with our special “Scary Things,’ all about how sometimes, issues involving real estate can keep you up at night! But – when you know the facts, most of the time it’s not so frightening after all.

Talk about something scary – when Real Estate Today first launched, we were in the middle of the economic crash.

Whether they suffered a foreclosure, or they were forced into a short sale, for many people, the most frightening real estate nightmare of all – came true. They lost their homes.

Millions of families had to pack up and leave. They had to rent, or live with relatives, and they had to explain to their children – that the family had to move. It was a heartbreaking time, not just for real estate, but for all of America.


Selling a Haunted House!

We’re back – with our special “Scary Things.”

We wanted to wrap up today’s show with a question. One that you might not hear a lot. And that question is:

Do you live in a haunted house?

Yes? No? Maybe?

Well obviously, answering a question like that depends on what you believe. Some people think ghosts really exist…while others are sure – they don’t. Just your imagination.

However, regardless of whether you believe in ghosts, haunted houses or the paranormal in general – here’s a fact:

Battles over the sale and purchase of alleged haunted houses have gone all the way to the courts – as buyers and sellers duke it out!


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