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Scary Things

Segments For October 27th 2018

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– Damage Estimates After Hurricane Michael Rising
– Housing Starts Dip in September
– Builder Confidence Improves in October
– Zero-Down, Subprime Loans Backed by BofA
– Modular Housing: The Answer to Denver’s Affordability Crisis?
– How ‘Paid-Off’ is Your City?
– New DC Affordable Housing For ‘Grandfamilies’
– A Dozen Chicago REALTORS® Lose Their Shirts For Charity
– PIMCO Remains Bullish on Residential Real Estate
– Senators Seek Probe of Luxury All-Cash Sales
– Foreclosures Now Lowest in 13 Years
– Panic Rooms The Hot New Thing in Wealthy Hamptons
– Two Out of Three Buyers Don’t Shop For a Mortgage
– Debt-to-Income Now Main Reason For Mortgage Denials
– Midsized Markets Could See 2019 Investment Boom
– Hot Fall Home Decor Trends


Losing Home

We’re back with our special “Scary Things,” all about how sometimes, issues involving real estate can keep you up at night! But – when you know the facts, most of the time it’s not so frightening after all.

Talk about something scary – when Real Estate Today first launched, we were in the middle of the economic crash.

Whether they suffered a foreclosure, or they were forced into a short sale, for many people, the most frightening real estate nightmare of all – came true. They lost their homes.


Is Your House Haunted?

We’re back – with our special “Scary Things.”

We wanted to wrap up this hour of the show with a question. One that you might not hear a lot. And that question is:

Do you live in a haunted house?

Yes? No? Maybe?


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