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Segments For March 24th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Senate Rolls Back Some Dodd-Frank Rules
- Housing Starts Fall in February, Builder Confidence Falters a Bit
- How Much Mortgage Bills Could Grow in 2018
- NAHB Presses Ross to Ensure Adequate Lumber Supply
- NAR Urges Congress To Keep Debt Cancellation Relief
- FAU Report Suggests Peak in Real Estate Cycle
- Texting Becoming More Integral to Homebuying Process
- Lack of Inventory Is Chief Housing Headwind
- Some See Weak Spring Season
- Early Stage Delinquencies See Slight Uptick in December
- Buyers, Smile — You’re Being Watched
- Home Renovations That Yield The Best Return
- Refinance Applications At Lowest Since 2008
- Homeowners’ Equity Continues to Grow
- Where Homes Sell the Fastest — And Slowest

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Three Things Every Buyer Should Do

I’m going to close out this hour of the show with a checklist for anyone buying a home. Four things that every home buyer should do right away when they move into a new house. Are you ready? Here we go.

The first thing check all the smoke detectors. Sure, I know your home inspector would have already done that, and if the smoke detectors weren’t working? You would certainly know about it. But for your own peace of mind, test them yourself. Or better yet, just take ‘em out and put in new ones. Why? The reason I suggest possibly taking them out and putting in new ones, is that the new smoke detectors out there last for 10 years. You never have to change the batteries…instead you change the whole smoke detector, once every ten years. So if you put in one of those, you won’t have to worry about it for a decade. Again, that would be number one on my list, check the smoke detectors or toss the old ones and get new ones.

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Welcome back to Real Estate Today, and our special – “Buy that House!” Your personal guide to buying the right home at the right price, in the Spring Market, of 2018.

I wanted to wrap up this hour of the show by talking about two numbers. 28 – 36. No – they are not a sports score. Instead, they’re a big part of the home buying process.

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Segments For March 17th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- New Tariffs Could Raise Cost of Housing
- NFIP Chief Says All Floridians Need Flood Insurance
- HUD Revises Mission Statement, Removes Reference to Discrimination
- Entry-Level Housing Shortage Is Taking Prices Higher
- Broad New Survey Looks at Housing Market Over 12-Year Period
- FHA Extends Foreclosure Protection in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
- Majority of Home Buyers Pessimistic About Home Availability in 2018
- Tech Visionary Steve Case Sees Technology Shaping Real Estate
- Survey Finds That in This Sellers’ Market, Sellers Are the Nervous Ones
- Black Knight: Affordability Taking Hit From Rising Mortgage Rates, Higher Prices
- Mortgage Brokers Want End to ‘Trigger Leads’
- Why Are More People Staying Put These Days?
- Why Choose a Smaller House?

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Spring Buyer Strategies

Back again, with our special “The Spring Market.”

The wildest real estate market of the year – that officially starts Tuesday.

And we’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with strategies for buyers in this Spring Market – how to get that house – in what might be a competitive situation. Because after all, in many markets, there are more buyers – than there are homes for sale. So…how do you win?

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Spring Seller Strategies

Back again now, with our special – “The Spring Market.” All about the tactics, techniques and strategies for thriving in the hottest real estate market of the year.

Now in our first hor we talked buyer strategies, in a competitive market. And now? We’re going to wrap up today’s show with seller strategies, tactics and techniques. To help you sell, just like the pros do.

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Segments For March 10th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Mortgage Rate Tipping Point Depends on Other Factors
- Mortgage Rates Still Climbing
- Home Prices Close 2017 On a High Note
- Moody’s Is Wary of Appraisal Alternatives
- Outlook for Housing Finance Reform in 2018
- MBA Attacks Report on Mortgage Discrimination
- Where Millennial, Gen X, Boomer Buyers Are Buying
- More Buyers Make Sight-Unseen Offers
- Rising Interest Rates Could Impact Housing
- Construction Spending Flat In January
- Minority Homeownership Still Lags
- House Hunters Say Search Takes Three Months or More
- Builder CEO Is Optimistic Despite Headwinds
- Lenders Are Loosening Borrower Requirements — A Little
- Philadelphia Seeks to Limit Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures
- Celebs Show Off Homes in Magazines — Then Split?

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The Capital Gains Exclusion

Back now with our special ‘Tax Time!’ And we’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a quick talk about one of the best parts of the United States tax code. A part that really helps homeowners.

If you ever sold a home before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the capital gains exclusion. And it allows homeowners to avoid an enormous tax hit when they sell their house.

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The Time Change & Fire Safety

Wwe’re back, with our special “Tax Time.”

And we’re going to have a quick conversation not about taxes – but about the calendar, and safety in your home.

As you know, this weekend all across America, we Spring Forward. That’s right, Sunday at 2am, we turn the clocks ahead to become 3AM. And of course that begins daylight savings time! And it means that yes, Sunday morning we lose one hour of sleep. But hey, at least it happens on the weekend.

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