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Segments For June 23rd 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Will New Tariffs Hurt Housing?
- Housing Starts Up in May
- Ballot Initiative Asks Californians Whether to Break Up The State
- Fed Hikes Interest Rate, More To Come
- Rapid Population Growth is Behind Denver’s Overvalued Housing
- Fannie Mae Confidence Measure Hits New High Again
- Mortgage Credit Availability Rises in May
- Your Mortgage: Don’t Be Sold On The Very First One
- Connecticut Town Bans ‘For Sale’ Signs
- Half of Buyers Worry About Affordability
- Regulations Make Up Almost One Third of the Cost of a Multifamily Development
- Merge Fannie and Freddie into HUD?
- 2.5 Million Homes Still Underwater Despite Equity Gains
- Fed: Homeownership Key to Building Financial Security
- Florida’s Capital Aggressively Recruiting Retirees
- REALTORS® Rely More Heavily On Their Devices

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Mortgage Checklist – Part 1

We wanted to roll out a step-by-step checklist – about everything you need to know – if you want to get a home loan. We’ll do half now, and half at the end of the next hour. OK?

Let’s start with the triple play. Not internet, TV and phone. The mortgage triple play is about the three most important things you’ll need to get a home loan. Good income. Good credit. And a good amount – of cash. You’ll need all three. But, getting all three ready to go might take some time.

That’s why, you need to start getting ready months in advance, if you want to be successful when you go for a mortgage. And that’s where we’ll begin. Say – six months out.

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Mortgage Checklist – Part 2

And we are back with our special, “Mortgages, 2018!” And the rest – of our ten-step mortgage checklist! The ten things you’ll need to do to be ready to get that home loan.

We talked about the first five steps in our first hour…so if you’re just joining us, you can either listen to that segment, or read the list, at

OK – let’s keep it rolling now – with number six.

This step happens about two or three months – before you want to buy. Ask your Realtor for a list of trusted mortgage lenders. And if you don’t have a Realtor yet – better get one, because two months out? You’re getting close.

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Segments For June 16th 2018

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Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business

Top News Of The Week

- America’s Trillion-Dollar Equity Gain
- Fannie, Freddie Move To Help ‘Gig Economy’ Workers
- Half of Bay Area Residents Plan to Leave
- Bay Area Influences Sacramento Housing Market, Too
- NFIP Still Awaits Reauthorization
- Carson, HUD Backpedal on Rent-Raising Proposal
- Lawmakers Call For Building Millions More Homes
- Unprepared Boomers Face Rising Housing Costs
- Rural States Dangle Incentives To Attract New Residents
- Florida Insurance Rates See Little Impact From 2017
- How Much Bad Credit Will Cost You
- Most Desired Home Features
- New Company Looks to 3-D Printed Homes

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Volts! Not Horsepower!

Now as you hear us say on the show quite often – there’s incredible value in maintenance. You’ve got to maintain your property inside and outside.

And part of that maintenance process involves the yard. You have to make sure your yard is properly cared for in order to achieve the highest possible value in today’s market.

So now that Summer’s here, we’ll all be going outside and mowing the lawn, trimming the weeds and using other outdoor power tools to get that landscaping in shape.

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Storm Shelters

Welcome back to Real Estate Today and our special “The Summer Market.”
And right now? Being prepared for bad weather as the summer season approaches.

And you know, for some of us, bad weather means a wild thunderstorm, and a few tree limbs down.

But for much of the country, bad weather can be deadly. All the areas that are hit hard by tornadoes know all about it.

And for many families in those areas, there’s really only one way to stay safe…..your very own storm shelter, right there on your own property.

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Segments For June 9th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Tax Law Changes May Make This a Good Time to Pay Off Your Mortgage
- Home Price Spiral Continues
- Ranking the Amazon HQ2 Finalists
- Healthy Homes Month — Check for Lead
- Fed Keeps Eye on Mortgages, Housing
- Construction Spending Soars in April, Led By Homebuilding
- Facebook Exec Says Company Needs to Address Housing Crunch
- Home Prices Aren’t Soaring Everywhere
- Dallas-Fort Worth Market Heats Up
- Homes Flying Off the Market
- State Housing Finance Agency Mortgages Less Susceptible to Default
- Active Duty Military Home Buyers Go Big, With No Down Payment
- Some Hawaii Homeowners Ignored Lava Risk
- Rising Gas Prices Could Hurt Confidence, Housing Market
- The Kids Have a Big Say in Home Buying Decisions
- Adult Coloring Books Are Now a Real Estate Thing

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Price it Right

Back again with our special show ‘Speed Real Estate,’ all about moving fast – in today’s super-competitive real estate market.

And now let’s talk about selling. Speed counts when you sell, because if your house just sits on the market month after month – buyers will possibly start making low-ball offers. With a fast sale, you can avoid all that.


Ask any REALTOR®, anywhere in the United States – how to sell a house for the maximum profit in the minimum time….and they’ll tell you one thing.

Price it right.

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Don’t Lose that Money!

Welcome back to Real Estate Today and our special show ‘Speed Real Estate!’ A program dedicated to helping you buy and sell real estate quickly – without being reckless.

And we’re going to close out today’s show with a careful examination of all the ways you could put your money – at risk, if you go so fast you stop being careful.

If you’re a seller, one of the fastest ways you can unload that house is? Pricing it below market. You will get an offer quickly – maybe multiple offers! But – in that case is the speed really worth it? I mean, sure – you can move on right away, to your next destination. And that’s worth something.

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