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Segments For December 15th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Mortgage Bankers Optimistic About 2019
- NFIP Extended to December 21
- Most People Can’t Afford Most of the Homes In Their Community
- Home Improvement Should Do Well
- Colorado Developer Builds Homes For Under $250,000
- Does Dallas Downturn Foretell National Trend?
- San Francisco Ends Parking Requirements
- VA To Crack Down on Abusive Refinance Lenders
- Wells Fargo Blames Computer Glitch For Hundreds Of Foreclosures
- Homeowners Starting to Use Accumulated Equity
- Black-Owned Homes Are Undervalued, Study Says
- A Boost For Manufactured Housing
- Airbnb Will Design, Build Homes
- How Some Homes Survived the California Fires
- NAR Study Finds Realtors Generous to Charities
- Museums Nearby Make Your Home Worth More

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Using Winter to Plan your Purchase

We are back, with our special ‘The Winter Market.’ All about how you can thrive this winter, whether you’re buying or selling homes.

Of course, even though lots of people do jump into real estate during the winter, others don’t. Many people prefer to wait until spring. So – if that’s you, let’s think about another strategy – for the winter market!

Using the three months ahead – to get all ready – so that when spring arrives, you can go for it – without any delays!

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Using Winter to Get Ready

Back again with our special, ‘The Winter Market….’ all about what the upcoming season means to you, and your real estate plans.

As we mentioned earlier in the show, plenty of people jump into the real estate markets in the winter., For buyers? Less competition. For sellers? More exposure, since some folks putt their homes off the market in winder – and especially over the holidays.

But – many others will decide – to wait until spring.

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Segments For December 8th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- New Home Sales Fall in October
- Carson: HUD Making Progress in Affordable Housing
- Analyst: America’s Housing Market Needs a Renovation
- Home Price Gains Slow Down, But Prices Now Pass ’06 Peak
- Banker Says Housing Market is Entering a ‘New Normal’
- Former Presidential Adviser Upbeat About Housing
- Ominous Climate Change Report
- Millennials Still Risk-Averse, New Survey Finds
- Rising Interest Rates Only One Factor Impacting Today’s Housing
- Conforming Loan Limits Rising Again in 2019
- Good Housing Critical to Good Health, WHO Says
- Florida Fire Marshall Calls for ‘Knox Boxes’ on Homes
- NYC Deputy Mayor Says Amazon’s Critics ‘Misinterpreting’ Deal
- Small. Mid-Sized Lenders Getting Socked
- New Homes Continue to Downsize
- The Best Day of the Year to Buy a Home is Just Around the Corner

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The Five Questions – Part 1

Back again now, with our special ‘The Year Ahead!’ Looking down the line at 2019 – and what this brand new year might mean to you, and your real estate.

We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a list of questions – for everyone who owns real estate. Five questions in all, designed to help you have crystal-clear knowledge of where your real estate stands right now – and how it’s doing with every passing year. We’ll cover the first three here, and the last 2 in a second post.

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The Five Questions – Part 2

Back again now with our special all about ‘The Year Ahead!’

And right now we’re going to continue our look at proven ways to help you track your real estate investments over time. Five questions – that will help you know not just how those investments are doing right now, but where they’re headed over time. And how seeking out the answers to those questions can give you financial clarity, which can help you in so many ways – and not just real estate.

In our first post we asked the first three.

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Segments For December 1st 2018

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Top News Of The Week

Builder Confidence Tumbles; Stocks Languish
Bipartisan Push to Expand Fair Housing Act
Falling Home Prices Are a ‘Fantastic’ Thing
October Inventory Up. As Home Sales Decline
Seattle May Be Returning to ‘Normal’
California Wildfires Cause Billions in Losses
Mortgage Delinquency at 12-Year Low
Freddie Mac Will Turn Sweat Equity Into a Down Payment
Remodeling to Benefit As Rates Rise
White House Will Address Fannie, Freddie Future
Thirteen Percent Plan on Buying a Home Next Year
Higher Rates Don’t Discourage Millennial Buyers
Builders Look Harder to Find Lots
Housing Market Under-performing
Buy a Home When You’re Young. It’s Good For Your Economic Health
Interior Design May Aid Obesity, Study Finds

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The Market Shift – Buyers

Back now with our special show, ‘A Market Shift,’ looking at signs that the solid seller’s market we’ve seen for years across America might be turning towards a buyer’s market.

We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show by examining what that might mean to you. We’ll talk about selling your home in our next hour…but right now? Let’s talk about what this might mean to you if you’re buying a house.

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Market Shift – Sellers

Back now, with our very special show ‘A Market Shift,’ looking at what it might mean to you, if your area changes over – from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market.

It is happening in many markets across America….as the red hot price appreciation, combined with rising interest rates, have turned off some buyers. Buyers who say they’ll just wait and see. Add to that, an increase in the number of homes for sale in many parts of the country – and we could, in fact, be seeing a shift from a seller’s to a buyers’ market.

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