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Segments For December 2nd 2017

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The Zero Energy Project website

Top News Of The Week

– Tax Reform Muddies Uncertain Market for First Time Buyers
- New Home Sales Hit 10-Year High in October
- Home Prices Up 6.2%: Case-Shiller
- Delinquency Rates Rise; Blame Harvey and Irma
- Orlando Getting Big Boost From Foreign Buyers
- HUD Writes Big Check For Texas Hurricane Recovery
- U.S. Supreme Court Turns Away ‘Affordable Housing Fee’ Challenge
- Flagstar Takes Zero-Down To The Next Level
- Wealthy Homeowners Most Likely to Be Hurt by Tax Reform, Says Former CEO
- America’s Shrinking Number of Seriously Underwater Homes
- Homeownership Builds Wealth — But Not Through Equity
- Mortgage Bankers Push Senate to Pass Regulatory Relief
- Southern Utah’s Affordability Crisis
- Townhouse Starts Continue to Rise
- Philadelphia Market Continues to Improve, But Low Inventory Still Holds It Back
- Affordability Crisis in America’s Rural Areas, Too

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We’re back with our special “Your Green Home,” all about how to use as little energy as possible, and save as much money as possible, in your very own home.

You know plenty of us try to save money on utilities. We adjust the temperature a few degrees, we turn off lights when we’re not using them. And we might even adjust the thermostat on the hot water tank, to bring it down just a few degrees, and to bring down our Energy bill at the same time.

But even though all those efforts will save you money and will help the environment, there’s another approach to saving energy that thousands of homeowners are adopting.

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The Home Energy Audit

We are back! With our special ‘Your Green Home!’ All about your home – the energy it uses and the money you pay – for all that power.

Whether you live in a cold climate and have to crank up the heat, or live in a sunny place where you use your air conditioner most of the year, you probably know – to the penny – just how much you pay every month for utility bills. Well, let’s talk now about doing more than turning off your lights when they’re not being used, and more than knocking the furnace down a couple of degrees. Let’s talk about making a BIG impact on your bills – now – and for years to come.

And we’re talking about the Home Energy Audit.

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Segments For November 25th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- House Passes Flood Insurance Bill
- October Housing Starts Best In a Year; Builder Confidence at Eight-Month High
- No Bubble, Says Freddie Mac
- Fannie Pilot Program Would Make New Homes More Affordable
- What Investors See In The Housing Sector in 2018
- LA Bumps SF as Nation’s ‘Least Affordable’ Market
- Legal Aid Groups Brace For Foreclosure Waves in Storm-Ravaged Areas
- REALTORS® Urge Homeowners To Take a Critical Look at GOP Tax Reform
- Hurricane Rebuilding Could Take Years
- Borrowers Say Mortgage Originations Are Still Too Slow
- Your Credit Score May Make it Easier to Buy a Home Than to Rent
- Why Photo Shoots After The Sale Are The New Thing
- GOP Tax Plan Already Impacting New York
- Staging Your Home For the Holidays
- Is Renting Losing Ground to Buying?

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Vacant vs Income

Back again, with our special show “Snowbirds….” all about heading South for the winter, and leaving the cold, the ice and the snow – far behind.

But we wanted to wrap up this hour of the show with a question.

When you pack up all your things, and make that long drive South…..and you stay there anywhere from three to six months….what happens to the house – you just left?

And most important – can that house generate any income for you….while you’re not in it?

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Where to Go?

We are wrapping up our special show – “Snowbirds.” All about the annual migration that Americans take – from the snowy North – to the Sunny South – every winter.

Now when it comes to great places to retire, there’s certainly no problem finding one, in every part of America. Our friends over at the AARP have a great list, that includes places like Asheville, NC…and Grand Junction Colorado… Amazing places to retire. But….Asheville gets over a foot of snow every year… and Grand junction gets around 19 inches!

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Segments For November 18th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Critics of GOP Tax Plan Warn It’ll Hurt Millions
- Buyer, Seller Sentiment Dip in October
- NAR Sends Congress Letter of Support For Flood Reform Act
- Millions Plan to Buy Smart Home Devices Soon
- More Markets ‘Overvalued’ As Prices Continue to Soar
- Home Prices Up, But Affordability Improves
- Incentives Can Help Solve NIMBY Attitude
- Share of Large New Homes Declines
- Luxury Housing Remains a Seller’s Market
- MBA Warns of ‘Negative Impact’ of Mortgage Interest Deduction Changes
- Canadian Lumber Producers Face U.S. Tariff
- Homeowners Go For Accessibility, But Not ‘Aging in Place’
- Half A Million Homeowners Could Get Out From ‘Underwater’ Mortgages in 2018
- Fannie Mae Rolls Out Model Program to Help Mobile Home Buyers
- Single Ladies Like It, Put A Ring On It

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Giving Thanks – Buyers and Sellers

We’re back – with our special ‘Here Come the Holidays….’ all about the upcoming holiday season – and what it all means to real estate.

Of course, Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. And on that day, many Americans will pause – and express their thanks, for all the wonderful things in their lives. And many will include family, friends and – home.

So let’s take a few moments right now to talk about all the things buyers, sellers and homeowners can be thankful for – this holiday season.

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Giving Thanks – Homeowners

Back again with our special ‘Here Come the Holidays!’ All about hearth and home – and what the holidays mean – to real estate!

Now this Thursday, millions of Americans will open their homes to family and friends, as we celebrate that uniquely American holiday – of Thanksgiving. When we gather ‘round the table, and talk about about all the wonderful things in our lives – we can be thankful for.

Of course there’s your family, your friends, your health – and there’s home. The roof over your head. Your own home sweet home.

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