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Segments For July 7th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

Some good news for builders struggling with soaring lumber prices. Interim Forest Service chief Victoria Christiansen told congress that the Forest Service expects its 2018 timber harvest will be the biggest in 20 years. The National Association of Homebuilders is hailing the news. NAHP has been urging congress and the Trump administration to consider ways to increase the domestic supply of timber from public lands. According to the NAHP, since January of last year, rising lumber prices have increased the cost of an average single family home by nearly $9,000.

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To AC or not to AC?

We’re back with our special “Staying Cool,” all about how to keep your place comfortable even though the temperatures are not….

We’re going to leave you today with a little discussion about a big debate. And it’s about air conditioning… And whether AC is a necessity or a luxury in today’s world.

On the necessity side of the debate, many health and labor organizations say that excessive heat is a big threat to many people in America.

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How Hot is Too Hot?

Welcome back to our special “Staying Cool.”

We’re going to wrap up today’s show with a look at your home, your air conditioning and – your air conditioning bill!

When you go to rip open that air conditioning bill this month, you might realize just how much this heat wave recently has cost you in cooling your home. Air conditioning bills can really take a chunk out of your wallet and you may be tempted to penny pinch, even at the sake of your own comfort. What’s the harm in keeping your home really hot or even turning the AC off completely while you’re away?

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Segments For June 30th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Tax Reform Boosts Housing Market in Florida
- Mortgage Lenders Nervous About Declining Demand
- Fire-Ravaged Home Commands Seven Figures in SF Bay Area
- Lowest Delinquency Rates in 11 Years Seen in March
- Home Still Flying Off Market — But New Hope for Affordability
- Rep. Waters Pushes for NFIP Reauthorization
- Subsidized Housing for Teachers
- Hot Remodel Job of 2018: The Bathroom
- Convincing Homeowners to Buy Flood Insurance
- Buyers Not Bothered By Rising Mortgage Rates — Yet
- Coastal Real Estate Threatened by Future Flooding
- Robots, Pre-Fab May Address Labor Shortage
- Freddie Mac Will Help Some Homeowners Find Jobs
- Vancouver Cracks Down — Again — on Foreign Buyers
- Millennial Homebuyers Getting Younger
- Your Neighbors’ Ten Most Annoying Habits

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The Capital Gains Exclusion

Back now with a very special – ‘Real Estate Today’s Fourth of July Special!’ In which we are celebrating 242 years of America!

We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a few thoughts about you, your home and your money. Something that America provides to its homeowners, whether that home is a condo, a townhouse, a single family home – you name it.

And that is – the wonderful benefit you receive – when you sell it!

Because the laws of the land, provide you a tremendous tax benefit, when you sell your primary residence. It’s called the Capital Gains Exclusion – and it can save you thousands of dollars when you sell.

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Homeownership in America

Back again, as we wrap up our special, ‘Real Estate Today’s 4th of July special.” And we wanted to leave you with some thoughts about something we’ve talked about a lot on today’s show – and that is how America supports homeownership – and homeowners across the country. So what does that really mean to you?

Well, let’s start with your money. That’s always a good place to start, right?

The United States supports homeownership by providing tax benefits to everyone who owns a home. That saves you money, every time you file your income taxes.

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Segments For June 23rd 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Will New Tariffs Hurt Housing?
- Housing Starts Up in May
- Ballot Initiative Asks Californians Whether to Break Up The State
- Fed Hikes Interest Rate, More To Come
- Rapid Population Growth is Behind Denver’s Overvalued Housing
- Fannie Mae Confidence Measure Hits New High Again
- Mortgage Credit Availability Rises in May
- Your Mortgage: Don’t Be Sold On The Very First One
- Connecticut Town Bans ‘For Sale’ Signs
- Half of Buyers Worry About Affordability
- Regulations Make Up Almost One Third of the Cost of a Multifamily Development
- Merge Fannie and Freddie into HUD?
- 2.5 Million Homes Still Underwater Despite Equity Gains
- Fed: Homeownership Key to Building Financial Security
- Florida’s Capital Aggressively Recruiting Retirees
- REALTORS® Rely More Heavily On Their Devices

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Mortgage Checklist – Part 1

We wanted to roll out a step-by-step checklist – about everything you need to know – if you want to get a home loan. We’ll do half now, and half at the end of the next hour. OK?

Let’s start with the triple play. Not internet, TV and phone. The mortgage triple play is about the three most important things you’ll need to get a home loan. Good income. Good credit. And a good amount – of cash. You’ll need all three. But, getting all three ready to go might take some time.

That’s why, you need to start getting ready months in advance, if you want to be successful when you go for a mortgage. And that’s where we’ll begin. Say – six months out.

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Mortgage Checklist – Part 2

And we are back with our special, “Mortgages, 2018!” And the rest – of our ten-step mortgage checklist! The ten things you’ll need to do to be ready to get that home loan.

We talked about the first five steps in our first hour…so if you’re just joining us, you can either listen to that segment, or read the list, at

OK – let’s keep it rolling now – with number six.

This step happens about two or three months – before you want to buy. Ask your Realtor for a list of trusted mortgage lenders. And if you don’t have a Realtor yet – better get one, because two months out? You’re getting close.

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