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Segments For October 6th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Home Price Growth Slowing, Says Case Shiller
- NAHB Chief Says Labor Shortage Still Hobbling Construction Industry
- Fed Raises Rates, Mortgage Rates Hit Seven-Year High
- Cleveland’s Hot — But Not Everywhere
- The Next Big Thing? A Bigger Garage
- Eight-Legged Freaks Move In
- Florence Not Finished With Carolinas Yet
- Sellers Market Transitions to Buyers?
- Home Sellers Are Slashing Prices
- Nation’s Housing Market Still Underperforming
- Seattle Cools But Suburbs Continue to Boom
- Typical Mortgage Payment Rises Faster Than Home Prices
- Vinyl, Stucco Most Common Siding Choices

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Buying in the USA

We’re back with our special ‘Going Global…’ all about doing real estate not just at home – but all around the world.

I’d like to wrap up this hour of the show with a few words for people who are not from America – but who want to buy real estate here. Of course, you’re not alone….plenty of international buyers head straight for the USA when they’re looking for property.

And even though Real Estate Today is an American radio show – broadcast only on radio stations here in the US – we’re online too….and we have quite a few international listeners, who tune in to hear what’s going on, in the US real estate markets.

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Americans Buying Abroad

You know, buying a home overseas, or over the border is one of those things that many people here in America dream about. It’s just such an over-the top, romantic notion - the very idea of buying a vacation home, a retirement home or even an investment property - in another country.

But for a lot of Americans, it’s not a’s a reality. Because they did it!

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Top News Of The Week

- Hurricane Florence Sparks Insurance Nightmare
- Tiny Home Trend: A Skoolie
- Mortgage Fraud Is on the Rise
- Single-family Home Rental Market Continues to Boom
- Survey Reveals What Americans’ Ideal Home Looks Like
- Buyers Are Bringing More Money on a Home Purchase
- Blame Labor Shortages for Higher New-Home Price Tags
- A Wall That Can Monitor Your Health
- Mobile Homes, Traditional Homes Appreciating at Nearly Same Rates
- When Is It OK to Tap Your Home Equity?
- Luxury Market Is Climbing to New Records

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Condo Parking Spots!

We’re going to wrap up “Your New Condo,” with a quick talk about something really important – where to park your car!

Now sure, some people who live in condos don’t have a car…and don’t want a car. Sometimes the whole reason they buy a condo, is to be able to walk everywhere they go. Or take mass transit. A car is the last thing they want.

But plenty of people who live in condos do have a car – and for you? Let’s talk parking.

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Condos, Co-ops and Apartments

We’re going to wrap up with a quick talk about something that looks just like a condo, from the building, to the floorplans to the neighbors down the hall. But – it ISN’T a condo. It’s a co-op. And there’s a big difference.

Fact is, in many of the nation’s biggest cities, when you talk to a REALTOR® about seeing some condos for sale, they might ask you if you’re also interested in seeing co-ops… It’s a really good question. Because there’s a big difference.

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Segments For September 22nd 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Many Homes Are Not Insured Enough in Florence’s Path
- Is It or Isn’t It a Housing Bubble?
- Learning the Ancestry of Your Home: There’s a Person For That
- Homeowners Have More Tappable Equity Ever in History
- Millennials Marrying Later Could Be Good for Housing
- The First Step in a House Hunt Is Not Looking at Homes
- Report: Rental Fraud Is on the Rise
- A Home That Could Increase Your Lifespan?
- Real Estate Professionals Up Their Safety Protocols
- Solar Panels May Be Getting a Makeover
- Local Governments Buy Up Ailing Malls
- Study: Minority Neighborhoods See Biggest Gains in Home Equity
- Bill Would Give Self-Employed Easier Time Getting a Mortgage
- LGBT Couples Are Buying Up More Homes
- Seniors Weigh Property Tax Deferrals to Stay in Homes Longer

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Hurricane Relief

We are back with our special, “The Fall Market.” An in-depth look at exactly what to expect in the next 3 months if you’re buying or selling real estate in America.

But of course this fall, like in so many autumn seasons in past years, the real estate market will be very different. Because for hundreds of thousands of homeowners, the upcoming season will be all about getting their lives, their families and their homes back on track, after the devastating hit, but Hurricane Florence.

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Favorite Time of Year

We’re going to wrap up today’s show on The Fall Market – with a question. Why is fall – the favorite season of so many people?

And i’m especially talking about people who are homeowners. Just go ahead and ask a few friends – chances are someone will say yes – fall is their favorite season of all.

So let’s look at why that is.

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