Buying a Home in December

Back again, with our special “The Winter Market.” All about the next 3 months, and the opportunities that exist for buyers who decide to buy, and sellers who decide to sell in the dead of winter.

Recently I read an article in REALTOR® Magazine about buying real estate in the winter months: “Four reasons December is favorable for buyers,” written by Erica Christopher.

Let’s take a look at why they say December and the other winter months might be a great time to purchase a home.

Number one? less competition, and better prices.

That makes a lot of sense. Because as we all know a lot of people kind of hang it up when the winter begins. With the holidays just a few weeks away, many people decide to wait until after New Year’s…to look for a home. And that could mean really good things for you, especially if you’re a buyer in a red-hot market! Because with fewer people looking for a home, you might be able to get the place you want without competition! You might avoid a bidding war, and multiple offers from other buyers. And that could help you get the house!

Reason number two, that REALTOR® Magazine considers December a great time to buy? There’s more time to shop for a home! Fact is,many of us have days off over the holiday. And what better way to spend that time off then searching for the home of your dreams? The article also points that you won’t have to just look on the weekends, because in many cases you’ll be able to look for homes Monday through Friday. And that flexibility could mean a lot, over the holiday season.

Number three: Tax benefits! Now, even though we don’t know every detail of the upcoming tax reform bill, we have heard that some of the mortgage provisions would only apply to brand new mortgages. So if you can buy a home before the tax bill takes effect? You might be able to avoid some of those mortgage provisions altogether.

And the fourth reason December is a great time to look for a house? Moving. I know, in much of the country you might have to deal with snow. But in many cases the moving company will charge less in the middle of winter than in the height of the summer. Also, it’s more pleasant to move in cooler temperatures than it is, in blistering hot, humid summer heat. That’s a plus, too.

So to sum it up? Reporter Erica Christopher quotes REALTOR® Dasare Khon-Laskey, of Sky Lewis Realty in Coconut Beach, Florida as saying “there are numerous benefits and perks to buying a house during the holiday season that make December arguably the best time to buy.”

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