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Bill Brown is the 2017 president of THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®! Bill has been in real estate for nearly 40 years, and he’s the founder of Investment Properties, in Oakland, California. A brokerage that focuses on the sale of apartment buildings to both institutional and private capital investors.

Anjanette “AJ” Frye, REALTOR®

Anjanette “AJ” Frye is a REALTOR® and owner of RCF Properties in Dayton, Ohio. AJ is the 2019 President of the Ohio REALTORS®…serving its 33,000-members.

Hot or Not? with Melissa Dittmann Tracey

Home design elements come and go…but which ones are trending – and which ones aren’t? That’s what Hot or Not is all about! Helping you get in on cutting edge features, design and more – in your own home. Joining us now with Hot or Not – is Melissa Dittmann Tracey, author of REALTOR® Magazine’s popular Styled Staged & Sold blog.

Keith Gumbinger,

Keith Gumbinger is vice president at, the nation’s leading provider of consumer Mortgage and Finance information.


Lawrence Yun is Chief Economist at THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Burying St Joseph

Welcome back to our special – “Secrets of the Pros!” All about the real estate techniques pros use every day – which you might not know about.

Now – here’s a secret for you – something every real estate professional knows about. Something that makes them smile. Something that sounds pretty unconventional.

But here we go. I’m talking about burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard. That’s right – burying a statue of St Joseph….the patron saint of the family and household needs.

Plenty of home sellers say that after burying a little statue of St Joseph on the property, their place sold – within days. Many people are convinced – it’s the best way to get the property sold…when it otherwise might sit on the market, month after month.


Karen Post, Home Frosting

Karen Post is s home stager and president of Home Frosting in Tampa, Florida. Karen is a regular contributor on staging and design topics for the nationally syndicated TV show “Daytime.” She has THIRTY years of experience in designing homes.

Anjanette “AJ” Frye, REALTOR®

Anjanette “AJ” Frye is a REALTOR®and owner of RCF Properties in Dayton, Ohio. AJ is the 2019 President of the Ohio REALTORS®.

Real Knowledge – The Home Warranty

But first…. A special “Secrets of the Pros” edition of our segment, Real Knowledge… in which we share information with you. Information real estate professionals know, but which you might not know. And today we’re going to talk about home warranties. We’ve all heard of the home warranty, right? It’s what buyers get, quite often, when they move into a new place.

Mike McGrath, You Bet Your Garden

Mike McGrath is host of You Bet Your Garden, which is a television show, radio show and podcast, which originates at WLVT PBS 39 in Bethlehem Pennsylvania.

Jeremy Lichtenstein, REALTOR®

Jeremy Lichtenstein, who has been a REALTOR® for 33 years and is an agent at RE/MAX Realty Services in Bethesda, Maryland, founded the nonprofit “Kids in Need Distributors” known as KIND in 2012. It started by providing weekend food packages for 37 poor students at one public school. It is now serving 2,100 children in 25 schools, making sure that the children have enough to eat on the weekends when they are NOT getting meals at school. For his good work, Jeremy was awarded with NAR’s Good Neighbor Award, in 2018.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

As we wrap up today’s, ‘Secrets of the Pros,’ I wanted to share a simple idea – that can make the difference between making or breaking the deal. And that is – to keep your eyes on the prize – at all times. The prize, of course, is a successful transaction, in which the seller sells, the buyer buys, and everyone walks away happy.

Sometimes transactions go smoothly. I wish they all did! But sometimes they don’t. The buyer and seller might disagree on something big, or small. And if they really dig in…that one issue could become a deal-killer.


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