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Real Estate Today opens doors for buyers and sellers with critical and credible information on the real estate market. It’s fast paced and fact packed with experts, interviews, call-ins, field reports, and timely market conditions.

Ken Harney, The Nation’s Housing

Ken Harney is the author of the nationally syndicated column’ The Nation’s Housing,” which runs in hundreds of newspapers across America.

Linda Page, REALTOR®

Linda Page is a REALTOR® and Principal Broker for Fraleigh & Rakow Realty, LLC in Rhinebeck, NY, Linda is a real estate pro,who has been helping buyer and sellers for 47 years. She’s the past president of the NY State Association of REALTORS®, and currently serves as THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®’ 2018 Regional Vice President for New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Ask the Millennial with Jane Dollinger

The Millennials are the biggest demographic group in the country – and when they start buying real estate in droves – it will affect every home buyer, home seller and homeowner in America. And joining us now is our Millennial in residence – Jane Dollinger!

Jamie Moore, REALTOR®

Jamie Moore is a REALTOR®, and owner of Jamie Moore Appraisal Services, in Rhode Island. Jamie’s experience is unique in that she was a full-time REALTOR® before going into the appraisal field. And she’s carried that experience with her, as past President of the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®…and also as NAR’s 2017 Regional Vice President for the New England states.

Bill Thompson, Real Estate Today

The legislation will certainly affect homeowners, buyers, and sellers, but some will feel the impact more than others. So, how will the new tax law affect you, the real estate you own….and your overall real estate plans? Real Estate Today’s Bill Thompson has that story.

Buying and Selling Simultaneously

Back now, with our special ‘A Great Time to Sell!’ All about how you can take advantage of this unique market, in which sellers hold pretty much all the cards.

Why just pretty much? I mean, with property values rising, and buyer demand sky high – why aren’t sellers holding ALL the cards?

Well, just one thing. When most sellers sell, they turn right around – and buy. And in this market, that gets complicated!

Because in red hot markets, all across America, there aren’t many homes for sale. So, with all that demand, your current house might sell very quickly. But, finding your next house? That could take much longer.

So what’s going to happen? If you sell one house and don’t have your next one yet – will you end up in a hotel?

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David Marine, Coldwell Banker Real Estate

David Marine is Senior Vice President for Marketing at Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Cathy Colvin, REALTOR®

Cathy Colvin is a REALTOR® and Associate Broker at Vista Encantada REALTORS®, LLC, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cathy is past president of the REALTOR® Association of New Mexico, as well as the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS®. Currently, she is NAR’s Regional Vice President for Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Smart Home Technology Report! Voice Recognition Devices

Today, we’re talking about the battle of the voice recognition devices….as more of them offer full color, high definition screens!

Audra Slinkey, Home Staging Resource

Audra Slinkey is president of the Home Staging Resource, a home staging training and certification company, in Encinitas, California. Audra has trained more than 3,000 stagers worldwide, and is currently in her second year as the national vice president of the real estate staging association.

Howard Hanna, REALTOR®

Howard Hanna, known better as ha-da, is a Pittsburgh, REALTOR® and CEO of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services, the third largest residential real estate brokerage in America. Thirty years ago, he founded Family House, which gives vital financial assistance to children who need medical procedures….children who have no medical insurance….or whose insurance didn’t cover the procedures they needed. Since then, Howard Hanna Real Estate Services and its 9000 real estate professionals, in eight states, have contributed more than 14-million dollars to help those children. For his hard work, Ha-da Hanna received a 2017 Good Neighbor award from REALTOR® Magazine.

The Old-Fashioned Open House

Back again now with our special “A Great Time to Sell.” All about this red hot seller’s market, and how you can take advantage of it if you plan to sell your house in 2018.

We’ve talked about a lot of seller strategies.

We’ve talked about making your house look absolutely beautiful, so that buyers love it when they pull up.

We’ve talked about evaluating multiple offers, which happens a lot in really competitive markets.

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