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Lawrence Yun is Chief Economist at THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

Monica Hayes, REALTOR®

Monica Hayes is a REALTOR® with Skogman Realty in Iowa City, and Coralville, Iowa. Monica is a real estate pro, and the 2019 President of the Iowa City Association of REALTORS®.

Hot or Not? with Melissa Dittmann Tracey

Home design elements come and go….but which ones are trending, and which ones aren’t? That’s what Hot or Not is all about. Giving you the latest red hot trends in home design, home features – and more. Joining us now with Hot or Not is Melissa Dittman Tracey, author of REALTOR® Magazine’s popular ‘Styled, Staged and Sold’ blog.

Keith Gumbinger,

Keith Gumbinger is Vice President at, the nation’s leading source for consumer mortgage and finance information.

Laura Adams, Money Girl Podcast

Laura Adams is host of the top-rated Money Girl Podcast. Laura is also the author of several books books on Personal Finance. Including? ‘Money Girls Smart Moves to Grow Rich.’

Closing Costs

Back now with our special “Show Me the Money!” All about your money, your real estate – and you!

We’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a little talk about buying a house.

You know, when people talk about getting ready to buy, they often head – well, you can get a good mortgage with just 3% down.

And that’s true. But – that’s not the end of the story. Because if you have a 3% down payment saved up, but nothing else? You probably won’t get the house. Because to qualify for the home loan, yes, you’ll need that down payment, but also, money for two other things – closing costs, and reserves. As in, money in the bank.

Let’s talk about that now, so that you won’t be disappointed, down the road.


Jamie Moore, REALTOR®

Jamie Moore is a REALTOR® and Appraiser at Jamie Moore Appraisal Services in Newport, Rhode Island. Jamie is the past president of the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® – and is currently serving as the chair of NAR’s Valuation Committee.

Gerri Detweiler, Nav

Gerri Detweiler is director of education at Nav, which provides free personal and business credit scores. Her latest book is Finance Your Own Business!

Smart Home Technology Report – Do you really need your home to be a smart home?

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! And today – a big question. Do you really need your home – to be a smart home? Or is your home just fine the way it is?

Eileen Tu, Quicken Loans

Eileen Tu is Vice President of Product Development at Quicken Loans, in Detroit. Quicken Loans has grown to become one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders. And it ranks highest in the country for customer satisfaction for primary mortgage origination by J.D. Power for the past nine consecutive years.

Dave Dalzell, REALTOR®

Dave Dalzell has been a REALTOR® for 41 years and is owner/broker with Dalzell REALTORS® in Abilene, Texas. But he saw a problem in his community…unemployment, homelessness…and hunger. So Dave set out to do everything he could to help. Dave joined the charity his wife created, known as Faith Works, Abilene. In his role as a bible teacher, he met many people in his community who needed a lot of help – and that’s what he gave them. For many years, he has taught a career-training program for the unemployed. And now? He is currently serving lunch five days a week to students to help replace the free lunch they would get during the school year. And for his work with the homeless and underemployed, Dave was a recipient of the Good Neighbor Award from THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® in 2009.

Getting the Down Payment

Back now with our special – “Show Me the Money!” An in-depth look at owning a home of your own – and, how to pay for it!

And we’re going to wrap up today’s show with a quick recap of what you’ll need to buy a home….and how to get it. OK?

Now let’s start low, and build up.

First, if you qualify for a VA loan – they allow a zero down payment. If you are a veteran or an active duty service member, you need to know that.


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