Back again now, with our special show ‘Maximum Buying….’ all about bringing your next home purchase to the next level, using the most cutting-edge strategies available, right now.

And now – something you could call – the maximum attack – on home buyers.

That’s right – home buyers are under attack from internet hackers – who want one thing, and one thing only – they want to steal all the money – you’re about to put down on that new house.

You know, these days, the bad guys never show their faces. They’re just sitting at a computer somewhere, trying to hack, cheat and steal….now of course, online bad guys are nothing new….they’re been around ever since the internet was invented.

But the unfortunate trend we’re seeing these days, is that more of their online crime is being directed towards real estate.

And that’s why we’re talking about it…because the more aware you are about what the bad guys are trying to do, the better protected you are against their criminal behavior.

So let’s talk about the bad guys. What they’re doing – and how you – can stop it – before you’re affected.

As I said, hackers ae after your down payment.

And how do they try to steal it?

They’re writing fake emails from your real estate agent or your title company – telling you to wire your entire down payment to an account, which turns out to be phony.

And by doing that – they have stolen entire down payments – hundreds of thousands of dollars….and that money? Is gone.

This is grand theft – real estate. And both the Department of Justice and the National Association of Realtors have been getting the word out about it…to make sure consumers know the scam exists – and to help them guard against it.

So here’s the best defense: Never rely on any email instructions to wire money. Never. As in, ever.
If you ever receive an email….from your agent, your title company, or the lender….anyone….with instructions on how to wire your down payment for the home you’re about to buy….delete it.

And then – call them on the phone, instead. Talk to your agent, person to person. Talk to the closing attorney – person to person. And get the information directly from them…on wiring your money – That way you can wire with confidence.

But again – any instructions that come to you in an email? Delete it.

It’s unfortunate that we even have to mention fraud like this – but unfortunately it is a trend in real estate. But if enough people are aware of it, and enough know how to stop it? WE might be able to stop the scam in its tracks.

Because stopping the bad guys before they do any harm – will be the best way to make sure you have the Maximum – good – home buying experience.

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