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Segments For December 23rd 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- GOP Tax Cuts Become Law
- Housing Starts, Builder Confidence Jump
- CoreLogic: Eroding Affordability Will Be 2018 Housing Theme
- Fed Raises Short-Term Interest Rates Again
- Why One Homebuilding CEO Is Optimistic
- New FHA Loan Limits For 2018
- Building Material Costs Continue to Increase
- Fannie, Freddie Won’t Be Grinches
- Uncertainty Sends Homebuyers to Lower-Tax States
- FHA Says No Further Mortgages on Properties With PACE Loans
- Trump Shuts the Door on Wells Fargo Hopes For A Break
- Serious Delinquency Rate At Lowest Point in Over Ten Years
- GOP Tax Bill Could Be Gift To Landlords
- Alley Homes Could Help Relieve Housing Crisis
- Self-Driving Cars Will Be Real Estate Game-Changers
- Construction Trades Can Be Stepping Stone to Executive Success

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Keep it or Rent it?

We’re back, with our special ‘Second Homes,’ all about you – and that wonderful getaway you’ve dreamed about owning.

We’re going to close out this hour of the show with a look at one of the most important questions you can ask, about your second home.

Do we rent it out? Or not?

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The RSPS Designation

We’re going to wrap up with a quick talk about something you need to know about – if you’re buying a second home.

Whether that second home is a rental property, a retirement home, or a private getaway just for you – and the family, quite often people discover that second home on their summer vacation. And if that happens to you – you’ll want to talk to a REALTOR® with the expertise and experience to make that second home purchase happen as smoothly as possible. A REALTOR® who has studied to become an RSPS. A Resorts and Second Home Property Specialist.

This is huge – if you’re looking for a second home. Because when you work with a REALTOR® with the RSPS certification, you are working with an expert, who carries the highest level of expertise in every part of the second home buying, and selling process.

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Segments For December 16th 2017

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Buying a Home in December

Back again, with our special “The Winter Market.” All about the next 3 months, and the opportunities that exist for buyers who decide to buy, and sellers who decide to sell in the dead of winter.

Recently I read an article in REALTOR® Magazine about buying real estate in the winter months: “Four reasons December is favorable for buyers,” written by Erica Christopher.

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Selling in the Winter

We’re back now with our special “The Winter Market!” All about doing real estate during the three months ahead…which in much of the country, will be the coldest part of the year.

In our last hour, we looked at all the reasons that buyers may face favorable conditions if they forge ahead and try to buy a house in the winter market. And right now let’s move to the other side of the closing table, and talk about sellers.

At this time of year many sellers consider waiting. Because after all it’s just a few months until spring, when in most cases their house will look better than it does it any other time of year. But there are reasons that winter could be a great time to sell. And let’s begin with one of the biggest.

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Top News Of The Week

- Tax Reform Pushing Ahead in Washington
- NFIP Gets Two Week Reprieve
- Rare December Wildfires Devastate L.A. Area
- Home Prices Up Seven Percent Year Over Year in October
- NJ Democrat Warns GOP Tax Plan Will Hurt Home Prices
- First-Timers Lack Basic Mortgage Knowledge
- Gig Workers Not as Big on Home Ownership
- Identifying 2018′s Hottest, Affordable Markets
- Toll Brothers CEO Not Predicting Dire Effects From GOP Tax Bill
- Millennials Shoulder More Debt to Become Homeowners
- Study: Principal Reductions Didn’t Help That Much
- Are You Urban, Suburban .. or Surban?
- NAHB Chief: Home Values Must Be Protected
- How Many Bathrooms In a New Home?
- A Robot May Show You Your Next Rental Home
- Homeowners Admit to Real Estate Stalking

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Segments For December 9th 2017

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Top News Of The Week

- Quicken CEO: Millennials Have Transformed the Real Estate Market
- Home Equity Wealth Reaches New High
- Spike in Reverse Mortgage Foreclosures in 2016
- Hard Truths About Insurance Revealed by Hurricanes
- REALTORS® Benefit From New Safety Tool
- In Some Markets Housing Inventory is Growing
- Good Time to Sell — Not So Good to Buy, Leaving Many on Sidelines
- Texas Loosens Home-Equity Regulations
- How Low Credit Scores Raise The Cost of Your Mortgage
- Amazon Key Delivery Service Raises Insurance Concerns
- New Single Family Homes Continue to Shrink
- Luxury Market is Thriving. Thank You, Celebrities
- First-Time Buyers Likely to Be Big 2018 Factor
- Apartment Living Appeals to Many Empty Nesters
- CFPB OKs New Mortgage Application

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Interest Rates

Back now with our special ‘The Year Ahead,’ in which we talk to the pros about what to expect for your real estate plans in 2018.

And we’re going to end this hour of the show by talking about what might happen with mortgage interest rates in the coming year. Now, of course, I don’t claim to know….in fact, nobody can say with authority exactly what’s going to happen with mortgage interest rates next year. But we can look at some scenarios – and what those scenarios might mean to you, if you plan to buy real estate or refinance in 2018.

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Where will You Be in One Year?

We’re back with our special “The Year Ahead,’ all about what 2018 might mean to you, your home and all your real estate investments.

And we’re going to wrap up the show with our annual look at what the experts are saying about the new year, and try toanswer the big question: where will you be in one year?

First of all let’s look at the value of your home.

We have some good news for you there. Prices in most parts of America are expected to keep rising in 2018. The reason, is that there aren’t enough homes for sale, but there are still plenty of buyers out there. So the laws of supply and demand are in your favor, if you own a home, or plan on selling one.

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