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Segments For September 1st 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- New-Home Sales Drop to 9-Month Low
- Study Reveals the Costs to Maintain a Home
- Chicken Coops: Growing Backyard Trend?
- Fire-Proof Homes May Be a Reality
- Study: Nearby Power Lines Can Zap Property Values
- Home Searches Are Stretching on Longer
- Baby Boomers Are Looking for Housemates
- Best Cities for Singles Ranked
- SmartHome Package’ Coming to 25k Apartments Nationwide

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Put Those Tools to Bed

We’re back with our special – “Think Like a Home Inspector.” A show all about maintaining your home – to keep in in the best condition – which of course, also means it’s worth the very top of its market value.

And we’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with a few words about maintaining the tools you use – to maintain your home!

So let’s take a look.

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The Cut-Offs

We‘re back with our special, “Think Like a Home Inspector!”

And we’re going to wrap up today’s show with a quick talk about something every homeowner needs to know about – the cut-offs!

The main utilities that flow into your home, water, electricity and possibly natural gas – are always there, even though we don’t really notice them. Until, that is, there’s a problem!

If that happens, you need to know how to shut em down.

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Segments For August 25th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- The Battle to Save Waterfront Properties
- HUD Slaps Fair Housing Complaint Against Facebook
- Survey: High Housing Costs Causing a Lack of Sleep
- Arizona Builds Tiny Homes for Teachers
- Millennials Refusing to Leave Mom, Dad’s House
- Homebuilding Eeks Out an Increase
- Millions of Consumers Get a Boost on Their Credit Scores
- Calif. Owners Could Face Drops in Homeowners Insurance
- Most Likely Places for a Bidding War
- Is Being Homeless Illegal?
- Are Parents Overextend Themselves With Colleges and Housing Costs?
- The Metros Getting the Most New Residents
- Airbnb Plans to Brand 14 Apartment Complexes by 2020
- HUD Seeks to Scale Back Anti-Segregation Rule
- NIMBY? Where Mosquito Populations Are Surging
- House Tattoos: Is This Really a Thing?

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The Homestead Exemption

Back again now are with our special, “The $1000 Show!” All about you, your house – and your money!

Now remember that old saying, it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep?

Well, that what we’re focusing on all day – making sure YOU keep every penny you can, by showing you the secrets of saving money around your house.

And right now – a really big one. Calling it a secret might be a bit of a stretch, but you’d be surprised how many homeowners across America, have never heard of the homestead exemption.

It’s true! Not many people know about it. But across America – 46 states offer the Homestead exemption – in one form or another – to its residents who live in the house they own.

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Save More By Partnering Up

We are back with our special, “The $1000 Show,” where we’re looking at all the ways to save some cold, hard cash – around the house.

And we wanted to wrap up today’s show with a great idea – and that is – to save money, you don’t have to do it alone! Because you can do it – with neighbors! And the result is – you’ll all save money! Maybe even thousands of dollars!

So if you haven’t gotten around to meeting your neighbors yet, now might be the perfect time!

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Segments For August 18th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Home Prices Surge to Another Record
- Homeowners Are Getting Richer
- Calif. Wildfires: Will the Cost to Rebuild Be Enough?
- Home Buyers Take Cues From Their Pets
- These Neighborhood Names May Imply Prosperity
- HGTV Pays Double Asking Price for ‘Brady Bunch’ House
- Beware of Online Rental Scams
- Freddie Mac Program Seeks to Put a Cap on Rental Hikes
- Cities Warn Owners: Stop Pouring Grease Down the Kitchen Drain
- Wells Fargo Apologizes for Accidental Foreclosures
- Apartment Rents Climb to New High
- Mortgage Rates Ease…For Now
- Millennials Are Feeling Priced Out
- Proceeds From Las Vegas Gunman’s Home Sale Will Go to Victims
- New Jersey Senator Proposes $1k Tax Break to Owners
- Where to Find Big Homes at Bargain Prices

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Second Home First?

We are back with our special “Your First Second Home.” An in-depth look at the ins and outs of buying a Family Getaway, your retirement home, or an investment property in a nice resort area.

You don’t many people around the United States would like to buy a second home. But they have one big issue. They don’t have their first home yet. It’s pretty understandable, because many people who live in some of the nation’s biggest cities find home prices are sky-high. I mean you can’t just reach into your pocket and pull out a couple of million dollars in New York City or San Francisco or other big dollar real estate markets. And so for many of those people especially in their younger years, the idea of owning a home of their own appears to be Out Of Reach.

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Keep it or Rent it?

We’re back, with our special ‘Your First Second Home,’ all about you – and that wonderful getaway you’ve dreamed about owning.

We’re going to close out today’s show with a look at one of the most important questions you can ask, about your second home.

Do we rent it out? Or not?

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