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Segments For March 3rd 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Quicken Loans CEO Says Inventory is Bigger Concern Than Rising Mortgage Rates
- IRS Clarifies Interest Deductibility
- New Home Sales Dip in January
- Fitch Sees Rapid Recovery in Hurricane-Hit Markets
- John Smaby: Inventory Shortage Acute in Minneapolis
- Analysis Picks D.C. As Frontrunner For Amazon HQ2
- Mortgage Delinquencies Keep Falling, Now At Lowest Level Since Recession
- New Homes Continue to Shrink
- Economist Says Housing Market Will Do Fine With Rising Mortgage Rates
- Typical Mortgage Payment’ Could Rise Over 15 Percent
- Single-Family Rents Up in November
- GSE Credit Box Eases — A Little — in 2017
- Builders Can’t Keep Up In Fort Worth
- Denver Is ‘Most Challenging’ For First-time Buyers
- FHA Offers More Relief To 2017 Disaster Victims
- Alexa, Make My Mortgage Payment

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Where We Are

Back again now with our special “Hot Trends!” A comprehensive look at some of the most innovative things happening in real estate right now… And what they mean to you.

We’re going to end up this hour of the show with a quick talk about some of the hot trends that WE have been adopting, here at Real Estate Today.

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An Excellent Trend

Back now, with our special, “Hot Trends!” All about the best and brightest ideas, techniques and strategies in 2018 real estate.

We’re going to wrap up with one of the hottest trends in the country. And it’s all about doing real estate in the best possible way.

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Segments For February 24th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Will the Market Absorb Higher Interest Rates?
- Home Construction Surges in January
- Redfin Survey Finds Immigration Debate Affecting Housing Market
- Where The Women Homebuyers Are
- MBA Economist Forecasts Strong New Home Sales Number
- Affordable Housing Advocates Blast Draft GSE Reform Bill
- Trump Proposal Would Upgrade FHA’s Computers
- Planners Urge More ‘Middle’ Housing
- How Would a 5% Mortgage Rate Affect Would-Be Homebuyers?
- Thousands of Mortgage Jobs at Risk As Rates Rise
- Builders Score Well on Energy Efficiency
- 44% of Boomer Retiree Still Carry a Mortgage
- Millennials Buying Up Madison Homes
- Study Finds First-time Home Buyers Tend to Overpay
- At What Age Do Most Become Homeowners?
- CoreLogic: Flood, Wildfire Were Most Destructive Natural Hazards in 2017

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Where to Go!

We’re back again now with our special “Snowbirds” all about you and making dreams come true… As you leave the winter cold behind and head south… To enjoy the winter months in a beautiful Sunny climate.

Now one thing that many snowbirds deal worth when they head south for the winter, is making sure that their house up North is safe and sound.

After all you can’t just walk out the door lock it up and take off for 6 months. You have to do some planning to make sure that your property is going to be fine… Especially in areas where the winter weather can be severe. So what do you do?

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A Revenue Stream up North

Back again, with our special show “Snowbirds….” all about heading South for the winter, and leaving the cold, the ice and the snow – far behind.

But we wanted to wrap up today’s show with a question.

When you pack up all your things, and make that long drive South…..and you stay there anywhere from three to six months….what happens to the house – you just left?

And most important – can that house generate any income for you….while you’re not in it?

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Segments For February 17th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Pro-Real Estate Provisions Included in Federal Budget Deal
- Mortgage Rates Tick Up, But Bond Market Prevents Even Higher Rates
- Confidence in Housing Market Solidifies
- Buyers, Beware of Greenwashing
- Schumer Calls on IRS To Allow 2018 Prepayments
- What’s Pushing Mortgage Rates Up?
- Airbnb Income Can Now Help Refinance Your Mortgage
- Five Trends To Watch For in 2018
- The Market Potential of Tiny Homes
- California Mudslide Evacuations No Longer ‘Voluntary’
- Popular Energy-Efficient Upgrades For 2018
- Texas Couple’s House Stolen

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Should you Get a Mortgage?

Back again now with our special show “Mortgages 2018!” An in-depth look at the home loans available across America right now… and which one might be right for you.

And I say they “might” be right, because for some people a mortgage is just an option. People who could afford to buy a house all cash if they wanted to.

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Pay it Off?

Back again, with our special show “Mortgages 2018!” An in-depth look at home loans across America and which one might be right for you.

At the end of our last hour we talked about skipping the mortgage altogether, and buying a house all cash, if you’re able to do that. We looked at the pros and cons. On the one hand owning your home outright, on the other hand having a mortgage and using all that money that you would have poured into your house, to invest in other places.

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