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Segments For April 14th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- HUD Marks 50th Anniversary of Fair Housing Act
- FHA Improperly Insured Thousands in 2016
- CoreLogic: Home Prices Up For Seventh Consecutive Month
- Tappable Home Equity At All-Time High
- Insurers On Hook For Nearly Half Billion in Mudslide Damage
- Double Digit Price Growth Ahead in Some Markets
- NAHB Reports Slow But Steady Job Growth
- It’s Becoming Easier to Become a Professional Appraiser
- Q4 2017 Not A Good Time For Independent Mortgage Banks
- Private Residential Construction Spending Gains Again in February
- Cash-Out Mortgage Refis May Be Returning as Rates Rise
- What Spring Home Buyers Want
- Amazon Refining Its List For HQ2
- Small Independent Mortgage Lenders Ask CFPB For Relief
- Mortgage Bankers Back Alternatives to FICO
- How Long Will Your Home’s Parts Last?

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Get it in Writing

Welcome back to our special – “The Offer.” Filled with cutting-edge strategies, tactics and techniques for buying and selling in the Spring Market of 2018!

And we’re going to wrap up this hour of the show with one of the most important parts of any real estate transaction. Four words, that will protect you every time, whether you’re the buyer, or the seller. And those words are?

Get it – in writing.

I can’t stress how important that is. No matter which side of the transaction you’re on, everything you agree to, every penny involved in the deal, every date on the calendar and every ‘what-if’ scenario – has to be right there in the contract – in writing.

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Evaluating the Offer

Welcome back to our in-depth look at – “The Offer.”

If you’ve ever sold a house, you know that the offer represents the most dramatic moment in the entire transaction.

The phone rings. It’s your REALTOR®. And they say – “we have an offer!”

And you say – “how much?”

It’s just human nature. I was that way every time I sold a house. I wanted to know the price! Whether I was going to make a handsome profit. Whether I’d have enough money to make a huge down payment on my next house. Whether all my hard work getting the place ready for sale – paid off.

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Segments For April 7th 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Rising Rates Impact Refinancing, But Not Overall Market
- NFIP Gets New Life, But Long-Term Solution Still Elusive
- Facebook Sued For Alleged Housing Discrimination in Ads
- Fannie Mae Sees Housing Holding Steady
- Raleigh Is Booming as Millennials Swoop In
- Frustrated Homebuyers Becoming Discouraged
- Barclays Agrees to $2 Billion Mortgage Settlement
- Augmented Reality Comes to Real Estate
- Home-Equity Wealth Gains in 2017 Depended on Where You Live
- Home Prices Jump in January, Says FHFA
- Most Popular Cities for Millennial Homebuyers
- Next Up: The 23-And-Under Buyers
- California Family Wins Bidding War With a Song
- How Much Renting is Costing Millennials
- Short-Term Rentals Affect Home Inventory
- How Your Back Yard Makes Your Home More — or Less — Valuable

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Income Streams

Back again now with our special “How to Invest in Real Estate.” Walking you step-by-step through the whole process of adding real estate to your portfolio.

We’re going to close out this hour of the show with the look at why. Why do people invest in real estate? There are so many choices out there, and yet again and again people line up to buy residential and commercial properties, and add those to their investment portfolio.

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Seeing Your Investment Grow

We’re back again now with our special “How to Invest in Real Estate!” An in-depth look at you, your future and your investment portfolio. And what real estate might mean to all of it!

We’re going to wrap up today’s show with a look at how real estate can help grow your household wealth over time.

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Segments For March 31st 2018

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Top News Of The Week

- Carson Under Withering Criticism Over Discrimination
- New Home Sales Fall For Third Straight Month
- Fed Raises Interest Rates For First Time in 2018
- Fannie Mae Sees Housing Holding Steady
- What Florida Home Buyers Say They’re Looking For
- Californians Are Bailing on Expensive Housing, High Taxes
- Freddie Mac Says ‘Adulting’ Barriers Are Holding Back Housing
- Staging With Plants Could Help Attract Millennial Buyers
- Shortage of New Homes: Is It The Next Housing Crisis?
- NAHB Leaders Press Congressional Leaders to Keep Housing Strong
- Median Down Payment is 20% Higher Than A Year Ago
- Homebuyers Want Digital Convenience, But Crave Human Touch, Too
- Fresno: California’s Other Hot Market
- NAHB Settles With Federal Government Over Endangered Species
- Uber, Lyft Are Changing NYC Real Estate Norms
- Wait’ll You See What’s Going in Front of Your House Fop 5G

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Knock Down that Clutter!

Back again now, with our special ‘Sell That House!” All about selling your house quickly, and for the highest possible price.

And right now – we’re going to talk clutter.

Yep. Clutter.

It will turn off buyers. In a worst-case scenario, your house will just feel smaller and more cramped if it’s packed with stuff from top to bottom.

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Six Steps for a Successful Sale

Welcome back to our special, “Sell That House! A step-by-step guide to getting the best result possible, if you plan to sell your home this spring.

We’re going to close out today by summing it up – a 6-step guide to selling your house fast – and for the best price out there.


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