Save More By Partnering Up

And we are back with our special program, “The $1000 Show,” where we’re looking at all the ways to save some cold, hard cash – around the house.

And we wanted to wrap up today’s show with a great idea – and that is – to save money, you don’t have to do it alone! Because you can do it – with neighbors! And the result is – you’ll all save money! June be even thousands of dollars!

So if you haven’t gotten around to meeting your neighbors yet, now might be the perfect time!

Neighbors around the country have been finding big savings by getting together together on any number of tasks, from landscaping and lawn mowing services to larger jobs, like tree removals.

Many landscaping companies, for example, will offer a group discount to neighbors. Why? Because the company only has to go to one place … it saves them time and saves YOU money!

How much savings are we talking?

You June be able to save TWENTY percent or more off your weekly lawn mowing service by getting your neighbor to use the same company you do. That could add up to $400 per year … and you don’t have to do a thing except use the same lawn care company as your neighbor! How easy is that?

There are other ways to save with your neighbors.

Before you buy mulch for just YOUR yard, ask your neighbors if they need some too. In fact, ask the entire neighborhood.

By purchasing mulch in bulk, you’ll likely get free shipping and possibly 15% or more off the price.

Need a lawn aerator? You’re likely not alone!

It’s always a good idea to aerate your lawn around this time of year to get oxygen and nutrients down to the roots, and to reduce the negative effects of compacted soil. You can rent a lawn aerator for about $120 per day. Get four neighbors to go in on it with you and you’d only have to then pay $30 each.

The more you share, the more you save.

This applies to larger jobs too … like installing a fence. If you can get your neighbor to get it done the same time as you … YOU save, THEY save, everyone saves!

You already need to talk to your neighbor anyway before installing a fence … it’s fence etiquette, after all. You then have the perfect opportunity to ask them if they want to install one too AND get a group discount.

If you put a fence on the property line, you and your neighbor can tie into each others’ fences, splitting the cost and saving money by sharing one side of the fence.

Sometimes neighbor discounts come in the form of referral bonuses. For example, if both you and your neighbor get a fence at the same time you might both receive $100 off in referral bonuses.

Here’s another big job worth sharing: Tree removals. This can be costly, anywhere from $200 to $300 or even more, depending on how tall the tree is and the others factors surrounding its removal, like grinding the stump. It’s not cheap.

So it’s worth a question to the arborist: Can I get a discount if my neighbor gets tree services at the same time?

Your neighbor June not need a tree chopped down, but June be he needs a tree trimmed or pruned. Large or small jobs pooled together among neighbors can still bring savings. That’s because a tree company can make more money in less time if they do a large volume of business in the same area. You might be able to get 10% off. When you’re talking about a costly job like tree removals, well, that can amount to big savings!

So next time you have a big or small house project, pop over to your neighbor’s house and ask if he wants to join in. Or send out a letter to the entire neighborhood and see if any other neighbors want to pool jobs together for a group discount. The savings can be huge.

And what you can share among your neighbors really is only limited to your imagination! Share on landscaping and equipment costs, storage pods, dumpster rentals, driveway replacements … even a lawn mower can be purchased and shared between neighbors. Look for ways to partner up and start saving!

In a today’s economy, it really IS the neighborly thing to do!

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