Sellers Resolutions

And we are back! With our special ‘Sell Like a Pro!’ A comprehensive guide to selling your house – in 2019! And we thought we’d wrap up with a few New Year’s resolutions – designed to help you have a quick and easy sale.

Resolution Number one: I will price it right! This is key to selling your place…you can’t just pull a price out of thin air….you need to price it according to the market in your area. Talk it over with your REALTOR®. They’ll pull all the comparable sales, the other listings out there, and also what didn‘t sell….and with that knowledge, you’ll find the correct price – for your place.

Resolution Number Two: I will not take marketing pictures of my house – with my phone! Nope – not kidding! In today’s online world, buyers expect beautiful photos – not fuzzy snapshots. Spring for professional photography – to make your place rise to the top of the pack.

Resolution Number Three: I will not get offended – by the Home Inspection Report! I know, it’s been your home for a while and you love it. And it can hurt your feelings when some stranger comes in and points out all the things – wrong with it! But they’re just doing their job, and of course the buyer wants to make sure they’re getting a good place. So instead of copping an attitude over all the flaws they find – be happy that they want to buy your house – in the first place! And that brings us to –

Resolution Number Four: I will be flexible! The home inspection is just one area where you may have to give a little. There are so many things that you may have to negotiate – try not to make every single one – a deal killer. Try to meet the buyer half way on things like repairs the inspection calls for – but also – on the settlement date. On certain things they’d like you to leave behind, like the flatscreen TV mounting bracket on the wall, or the curtains in the bedroom, or the big gas grill. I mean, you don’t have to give in on everything, just – pick your battles, and let the little stuff go.

And Resolution Number Five: When the offers come in, I will listen to ALL the terms – not just price! It’s so easy to hear the price and either get really excited, or really upset. But listen to your REALTOR® as they explain all the details. The financing. The closing date. The contingencies. Sometimes a lower offer is a better offer! So listen to all the facts, and don’t JUST dwell on price.

So there we have it – five seller resolutions for this brand new year! And if you’re planning to sell your house this year – congratulations! It’s always exciting moving into a brand new chapter in life – and we sure hope that your transaction – is a great transaction, and as you hand over the keys to the new owners, I hope you think – Hey! That’s How to Sell Like a Pro!

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