Selling in the Winter

We’re back now with our special “The Winter Market!” All about doing real estate during the three months ahead…which in much of the country, will be the coldest part of the year.

In our last hour, we looked at all the reasons that buyers may face favorable conditions if they forge ahead and try to buy a house in the winter market. And right now let’s move to the other side of the closing table, and talk about sellers.

At this time of year many sellers consider waiting. Because after all it’s just a few months until spring, when in most cases their house will look better than it does it any other time of year. But there are reasons that winter could be a great time to sell. And let’s begin with one of the biggest.

In many markets around the United States there aren’t enough homes for all the buyers out there. And that means you too, if you’re selling your house and buying another. So if you wait until the hottest market of the year to sell your place, there’s a good chance it will sell fast – possibly BEFORE you find your next house. And finding that place might take much longer, considering the shortage of homes out there.
But on the other hand, if you sell during the winter? You may ind less competition from other buyers, So the sale of one house and the purchase of another? Might happen more smoothly.

Number two… In the same ways buyers might find less competition in the winter, the same is true of sellers. You might find that all those other sellers who pull their homes off the market – give you a big advantage! More traffic at your open house, more motivated buyers coming to see the place. And, you might end up selling the house faster and for a great price.

And speaking of those buyers, many REALTORS® believe that if a buyer goes to all the trouble of searching for a house in the winter market? Those buyers are the real deal. They’re motivated, they’re dedicated and they’re committed to buying a home. So there’s a good chance fewer people will be just window shopping.

And also – one of the reasons that the winter months are a great time for buyers, also makes it a great time for sellers! And that is moving. If you sell a house of course you’re going to have to move out of one place and into another. And you might get a better rate over the winter. Also as we mentioned their last hour moving in the winter is a lot more pleasant because it’s not as hot and humid and uncomfortable, as a summer move can be.

And one last thing. Many people consider pulling their house off the market over the holidays, because they’re afraid their holiday celebrations are going o be disrupted. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s….they worry that potential buiyers will want to visit during those very special times. That might be true. But think of it this way… If someone came in and looked at your house on Christmas Eve, and then turned around and wrote you an offer on Christmas Day?

That might be the best present under the tree.

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