Smart Home Technology: Need for Speed

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! And today? We’re talking speed. Internet speed! How much do you need – and how to make sure you’re getting it!

Smart Home Technology: Pure Gasoline

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology report. And today we have a product review for you – a product that is designed to help homeowners all across America with an annual rite of passage for – going from winter to spring. A change that requires you to put the snowblower to sleep – while you wake up the lawn mower, the weed trimmer and the yard blower!

Smart Home Technology: Power Surges and You

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology report. And today we’re talking power. No, not ‘take over the world’ kind of power..rather, Electrical power! And how to keep it from zapping all your electronics.

Smart Home Technology: The Best Valentine’s Gift

But First, it’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report….Valentine’s Edition! Now here’s a question. On this Valentine’s Day – are you going to give your loved one a dozen red roses? Or a box of chocolates? Maybe a bottle of champagne, and dinner on the town. And that’s great. Because every one of those gifts says ‘I Love You.’

Smart Home Technology! Cutting the Cord

But first….it’s time for our Smart Home Technology report! And today brand new information about just how many Americans are cutting the cord, and ditching cable TV.

Smart Home Technology – The Smart Kitchen Aid

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! And today, a very special smart home device…which may be headed to your kitchen.

Smart Home Technology – Philips Hue App

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! And today, a big ‘fix’ from Philips! A while back on the show, I talked about the Philips Hue Smart lighting system…and the fact is, I’m a big fan.

Smart Home Technology – Passwords

And today, a quick look at what could be, and maybe should be a New Year’s Resolution, for all of us. And that is – starting the new year – and maybe every new year – by locking your front door – to bad guys. But not the door with a deadbolt – I’m talking about the door that leads to all the tech in your house.

Smart Home Technology Report – Protecting Your Smart Home

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! And today – we’re going to look at all of those amazing, connected devices in your smart home. Do have have any? Maybe a video doorbell? Or a connected garage door opener?

Smart Home Technology Report – Access to High-Speed Internet

We’re looking at a really important issue for tens of millions of Americans. And that is access to high-speed internet. the Federal Communications commission reports the 25 million Americans just don’t have fast internet even if they wanted it they can’t get it, because their neighborhoods mostly in rural parts of the United States are not wired.

Smart Home Technology Report – Cord Cutting

We’re talking about the monthly savings you get – or don’t get – if you cut the cable TV cord – for good! As you know, record numbers of people are ditching cable TV. And the bills that come along with it. The tracking firm e-Marketer predicts that this year alone? 33 million households will cancel cable or satellite TV.

Smart Home Technology! Marketing Your Home with Tech

Today – a look at using technology – to market your house! Earlier this week, I saw an ad for brand-new, upscale condos in Washington, DC. It was a nice, polished and – with professional photographs, and a high-end web design. They looked very nice. 2500 square feet, dazzling city views, cherry, stainless and granite in the kitchens, all for about $1.5 million. Yeah, I know. But it is DC. But – what caught my eye was that in the list of top features – it said ‘Nest Learning Thermostat.’ And I did a double take.

Smart Home Technology! Cord-Cutting

Today we have a huge development in cord-cutting! USA Today reports that in the third quarter of 2018, and that’s just the period between July and September, cable and satellite TV companies lost around 1.1 million subscribers. That, according to USA Today is the largest quarterly loss ever, and it’s also the first time the industry lost more than 1 million paying customers in any single three-month period.

Smart Home Technology: Charging your Cell Phone

And today – we are looking something every single one of us does every single day right there in our very own homes – charging our smartphone!

Smart Home Technology: Smart Displays

And today – Google makes a big move, to help make your smart home experience, better than ever…a move that shows smart speakers MIGHT be on the way out….possibly pushed aside, by smart – displays.

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