Smart Home Technology Report – Access to High-Speed Internet

We’re looking at a really important issue for tens of millions of Americans. And that is access to high-speed internet. the Federal Communications commission reports the 25 million Americans just don’t have fast internet even if they wanted it they can’t get it, because their neighborhoods mostly in rural parts of the United States are not wired.

Smart Home Technology Report – Cord Cutting

We’re talking about the monthly savings you get – or don’t get – if you cut the cable TV cord – for good! As you know, record numbers of people are ditching cable TV. And the bills that come along with it. The tracking firm e-Marketer predicts that this year alone? 33 million households will cancel cable or satellite TV.

Smart Home Technology! Marketing Your Home with Tech

Today – a look at using technology – to market your house! Earlier this week, I saw an ad for brand-new, upscale condos in Washington, DC. It was a nice, polished and – with professional photographs, and a high-end web design. They looked very nice. 2500 square feet, dazzling city views, cherry, stainless and granite in the kitchens, all for about $1.5 million. Yeah, I know. But it is DC. But – what caught my eye was that in the list of top features – it said ‘Nest Learning Thermostat.’ And I did a double take.

Smart Home Technology! Cord-Cutting

Today we have a huge development in cord-cutting! USA Today reports that in the third quarter of 2018, and that’s just the period between July and September, cable and satellite TV companies lost around 1.1 million subscribers. That, according to USA Today is the largest quarterly loss ever, and it’s also the first time the industry lost more than 1 million paying customers in any single three-month period.

Smart Home Technology: Charging your Cell Phone

And today – we are looking something every single one of us does every single day right there in our very own homes – charging our smartphone!

Smart Home Technology: Smart Displays

And today – Google makes a big move, to help make your smart home experience, better than ever…a move that shows smart speakers MIGHT be on the way out….possibly pushed aside, by smart – displays.

Smart Home Technology: Smart Speakers

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology report. And today we’re going to look at some fascinating trends involving smart speakers! Now you might not have an Amazon Echo or the Google home or the Apple homepod. But according to an article in Slate, the data suggest that someday, you might.

Smart Home Technology Report: Tankless Grills!

Now today’s report is not really about technology – but it IS pretty smart. And it’s something many homeowners have wondered about over the years. And I’m talking about ditching those big, heavy, awkward propane tanks – you use for the gas grill.

Smart Home Technology – LED Lights

Today, we’re looking at smart ways to light your home – while saving money. We’ve all heard that the new LED light bulbs use less energy than traditional light bulbs. But, how much are ? What do those savings add up to?

Smart Home Technology! Cord-Cutting

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report, cord-cutting edition! And today, another look at how many people across America are ditching cable TV, in favor of streaming entertainment! And this week, reports show that the steady stream of cord cutting may soon become a raging river, and more people cancel pay-tv services.

Smart Home Technology! Marketing Your Home with Tech

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! And today – a look at using technology – to market your house! Earlier this week, I saw an ad for brand-new, upscale condos in Washington, DC.

Smart Home Technology! Small Investments with a Big Payoff

Since today’s show is all about increasing your home’s value, let’s talk about how to do that – with tech! Investing in technology can be a small investment, with a big payoff. So – we have four, simple ideas for you…to make your house smarter! And if you’re selling – these ideas just might have the buyers buzzing about your place – more than any others.

Smart Home Technology – Internet Connected Lighting

Today we’re looking at the lights in your home. It’s a big part of your everyday experience…but lighting has gone through a lot of changes in recent years.

Smart Home Technology – Smart AC

Today – staying cool, as the hot summer approaches. Now, I’d like to begin, with a look back. When I got out of college many years ago, I worked at a commercial real estate brokerage in Baltimore. And as you might know, East Coast summers – can be really hot and humid! And my apartment had no AC….so when I got home at the end of the day, the place was like a sauna.

Smart Home Technology – Cord Cutting – How to Go OTA

Today we’re tackling cord-cutting. And specifically the question… If I cut the cord on cable TV… How do I watch all my shows?

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