Smart Home Technology! Cord-cutting

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology report. And today’s edition is all about cord-cutting. As you know across the United States tens of millions of Americans art making big changes in the way they get their entertainment, their music, and their games.

Smart Home Tech – Consumer Attitudes

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology report -…to give you all the information you need, about today’s new connected homes. So in this segment I wanted to talk about a study by a company called Argus Insights. A study about consumer attitudes – towards smart home technology.

Smart Home Technology – Smart Home – Part 1

We’re talking about first time buyers. And so if you’re buying your very first home, we wanted to help you turn your new home into a new smart home. It’s easier than you think.

Smart Home Technology – Smart Home – Part 2

We started by examining the Amazon Echo, the Google home and the soon-to-be-released Apple home pod. All of those devices will serve as the Central Command point for the rest of the Smart Home Tech in your house. So now, let’s look at some of those other smart home devices that you might be interested in for your brand new home.

Smart Home Technology – Connected Devices Aimed At Cooking

We’re bringing it into the kitchen and out on the deck because in today’s smart home more and more connected devices are aimed at cooking better cooking faster and cooking more efficiently.

Smart Home Technology – Cord-cutting

We’re taking a special look at cord-cutting. Things are changing – and changing fast. Because with every passing month across America more and more households are cutting out landline telephones, and cable tv. Now that’s nothing new….but both of those services have hit major milestones recently – showing just how MANY Americans are cutting those cords.

Smart Home Technology – Cord-cutting

We’re continuing our examination of cord-cutting in America. As we reported in our first hour, the rate of cord cutting is on the rise, as more and more American homes cut out cable TV and landline phones – relying instead on cell phones, and broadband internet in their homes.

Smart Home Technology Report – In Law Pods

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology report and today we’re going to look at a unique approach for taking really good care of older relatives. Millions of families all across America wrestle with how to make sure mom and dad have the best care possible when they hit the age at which they need help. And families wonder about the best option.

Smart Home Technology Report – Smart Thermostats

Since our show is about staying cool during the hot summer, we’re going to look at one of the biggest advances in Smart Home Technology designed to save you money while keeping you cool. I’m talking about today’s new generation of programmable, and smart thermostats.

Smart Home Technology – Apple’s Home Pod

It’s a special two-part report on the newest player in the smart home – voice recognition arena. Because after years of Amazon Echo, and months of Google Home, Apple has announced it too – will offer a voice recognition device for your home. It’s called the Home Pod…and it goes on sale this coming December.

Smart Home Technology – Apple’s Home Pod

We’re going to continue our look now at the upcoming Apple Home Pod voice recognition device! Apple announced the new unit will be for sale this coming December.

Smart Home Technology – Smart AC

It’s time for our Smart Home Technology Report! And today – staying cool, as the hot summer approaches. Now, I’d like to begin, with a look back. When I got out of college many years ago, I worked at a commercial real estate brokerage in Baltimore. And as you might know, East Coast summers – can be really hot and humid! And my apartment had no AC….so when I got home at the end of the day, the place was like a sauna.

Smart Home Technology – Apple’s Home Pod

Big news for homes all across America – as the Amazon Echo – and Google Home are joined by Apple – the race for the country’s favorite voice recognition device. From the company that brought us iPods, and iPads, comes Home Pod. That’s the name. And it looks really beautiful, like everything Apple makes.

Smart Home Technology Report! Smart Home Certification

It’s a brand new kind of audit – which measures how well your home performs….using both smart home, and legacy systems. For sellers? A great marketing tool. For buyers – great information about their potential purchase. And for appraisers? Better info about how the home is equipped!

Smart Home Technology Report – Uber

Recently On Real Estate Today, we reported on the impact that Uber and Lyft are having on real estate. New York Real Estate Agents say the ride-sharing services are encouraging people to look for homes farther away….because they know it’s easy getting to work, using Uber and Lyft.

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