Smart Home Technology Report!

A simple idea, that’s simple to do – but one that could save lives!

And I’m talking about making sure – your TV can’t fall over.

The Washington Post reports – that between 2011 and 2013 – nearly 11,000 kids went to the hospital, after the family TV fell over – on top of them…..and they also report – that from 2000 to 2013? Falling TVs killed 279 people.

It’s a tragedy that is so easy to prevent. So, here’s how.

Smart Home Technology – CNET on Smart Lighting

We’ve talked a lot on the show about the new smart lighting systems you can get for your house. The system that allows you to turn your lights on and off, and to dim them, with just a tap on your smartphone.

Smart Home Technology – Smart Dimming

We’re going to talk about a new way that smart home tech is making like easier – and safer – around the home.

Smart Home Technology: Charging your Cell Phone

We are looking something every single one of us does every single day right there in our very own homes – charging our smartphone!

Smart Home Technology: Landlords & Locks

Recently we spoke with Tejash Unadkat, with August Home. You might know that August makes bluetooth-enabled, connected door locks – which you can lock or unlock with your smartphone. But August has found that the new locking technology is not only by homeowners – but my landlords! Who can control access to their rental properties better than ever before!

Smart Home Technology Report: Google

We’re taking a look at a high-tech giant – which wants to live in your home. That high-tech Giant is Google! And they just unveiled a brand new suite of products called? Google Home!
It was just released this week. And it’s hoping to knock out Amazon’s Echo – as the virtual voice recognition device in millions of American Homes.

Smart Home Technology Report: Cutting the Cable TV Cord

We are looking at ways to save you money around the house – we’re going to tackle an really big way to save – something millions of Americans have decided – is the way to go. And that is – cutting the cable TV cord – for good.

Smart Home Technology Report: Devices Using Voice Recognition

We are looking at a big issue – that not many people talk about. It’s an issue that involves you, your family and your privacy. It concerns all the new devices out there that use voice recognition. Like Alexa from Amazon….or Siri from Apple – Cortana from Microsoft and ‘Google Now,’ from Google. The issue is – is all this stuff listening to you? When you’re not talking – to it?

Smart Home Technology Report: Grills

This week’s report is not really about technology – but it IS pretty smart. And it’s something many homeowners have wondered about over the years. And I’m talking about ditching those big, heavy, awkward propane tanks – you use for the gas grill.

Smart Home Technology Report: CES

We wanted to tell you about a fascinating experience we had at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Smart Home Technology Report: Consumer Attitudes Towards Smart Home Technology

We wanted to talk about a study by a company called Argus Insights. A study about consumer attitudes – towards smart home technology.

Smart Home Technology Report: Locks

We’re looking at the most fundamental element in your home security – the locks! That’s right – the locks on your doors…

Smart Home Technology Report: Fire Extinguishers

A simple question about something really, really important for you and your family. Do you have a fire extinguisher in your house?

Smart Home Technology Report: IFTTT

We’re talking about bringing all your tech tools together – using a process called IFTTT. That’s I-F-T-T-T….which stands for ‘If This, Then That.’

It’s actually a really new, and a really hot part of home tech – and other tech as well….designed to simplify your life, and make using tech much more efficient. It’s slogan? “Put the Internet to Work For You!”

Smart Home Technology – Watering Systems

We’re looking at how to keep your lawn from browning out – as the hot, hot summer continues.

As we all know, it seems everything is connected to the internet these days, from thermostats, to lighting, to washers, dryers…even the family fridge.

But there’s one more area that’s being more and more connected all the time – and THIS ONE can really save you money. And I’m talking about internet-connected smart watering systems for your yard.

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