Smart Home Today Podcast – Part 1

Back again now, with our special ‘Countdown to Spring!’ All about you, your house and what’s on the way – in the Spring Market of 2020.

Now one thing’s abundantly clear. Every time we enter a new real estate market, winter, spring, summer or fall…it seems we have a brand new crop of smart home technology to talk about.

Innovations that are changing homes, habits and lives in households all across America.

And so today, I’m delighted to share some news with you. Good news, about Smart Home Tech, you, and me.

We all know about spinoffs, right? When a popular TV show features a few actors that are so interesting, they get their very own show. Right?

For instance – first came “Happy Days.” Then came the spinoff, “Laverne & Shirley.”

And another – the show “Cheers,” brought about another spin off – “Frazier.”

And one more – Remember the Mary Tyler Moore show? Well, it had a few spinoffs – “Rhoda,” and “Lou Grant.”


I’m telling you this, because if you listen to Real Estate Today, you know how we love smart home technology;ogy. We do reports almost every week about what smart home tech means to you.

And today, I’m delighted to announce that those reports – Real Estate Today’s segments on smart home technology, will be expanded and enhanced, as their very own spinoff – called “Smart Home Today.”

The first episode is out right now….and a brand new episode will drop every Wednesday, every week.

Smart Home Today will cover many of the same topics you hear me talking about on Real Estate Today. And just like here – it’s not just about smart home tech. It’s about how that tech is changing your home. Or how you can use it to increase the security at your house. Or how smart home tech can help make your utility bills go down.
Its tag line? “Smart Home Today. Conveniently located at the intersection of the real estate and the smart home tech you love.”

On the new podcast, we’ll be able to pursue the topics more deeply and comprehensively. We’ll have all the time we need, to talk it all though, and make sure you know the facts.

Now this will not be your typical tech podcast, where the focus is on reviews, or industry trends, or one game console versus another. Nope. Instead, we’ll look at your home, your life and what smart home tech can mean to both.

If you’re buying a home, selling a home, investing in property or renting an apartment, we’ll show you how smart home tech can help you save money, live more efficiently, and – have more fun!

Smart Home Today is presented by THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, in partnership with the WestwoodOne Podcast Network…and it’s available everywhere you listen to your podcasts,
Once again – Smart Home Today is out right now, and we’ll have a brand new edition every Wednesday after that.

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