Smart Home Today Podcast – Part 2

Back again now with our special Countdown to Spring! All about you, your real estate, and the upcoming spring Market 2020!

We’re going to end up today’s show, with a quick conversation about something brand new. In our first hour I told you about a brand new podcast we’ve started. A spin-off of real estate today. A podcast is all about the real estate, and the smart home tech in your life. It’s called Smart Home today, and it’s based on the smart home technology reports we do almost every week right here on real estate today.

So before I let you go today I wanted to play for you the trailer. Kind of like a movie trailer, except it’s not. Hahaha it’s actually a trailer for the podcast a promotion that you can hear if you go to iTunes. So once again here’s the trailer for our brand new podcast called Smart Home Today!

So there you have it! The first episode of Smart Home Today is online now – anywhere you listen to podcasts. And a new episode dops every Wednesday! But we wanted you to be the first to know. Because just like on real estate today, we’ll look at all the tech out there through the lens of property ownership.

What it means to you if you own a home, if you want to buy a home, or if you want to sell a home. We’ll also look at what smart home tech means to investors, and renters.

So I hope you can join us for our debut of Smart Home Today this coming Wednesday March 4th. Smart home today is brought to you by THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the Westwood One podcast Network. And we are so excited about it, and we sure do hope, you check it out.

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