The Open House

We are back with our special “Selling in the Spring Market!” An exciting time of year for sellers – when the for sale signs start popping up like tulips on front yards all across America….

It’s the busiest market of the year – and here it comes.

It’s also, of course, the Spring Market 2019….an era in which digital, online communication continues to reshape real estate ….from house hunting online, to emailing contracts, to applying for a mortgage on the internet so much has changed.

Which leads me to ask – in today’s connected world, is the good old open house – a dinosaur? An antique? A thing of the past?

Well, you might think so. After all, the buyers can see the place online. If they like it they can tour it with an agent, and skip the open house altogether.

Plus, in some red-hot markets, properties sell fast – before you can even do an open house!

So are they still – legit?

Well maybe not every property, every time.

But there are several really good things about open houses – that you can’t get online. So here’s a quick list of how to use an open house to get even more information – that you can online.

1.) Sellers will get valuable feedback. This is important. If you have twenty people come through your house and say – great place – except for that dirt crawl space….hmmmm…that’s a good intel. It shows you what you might want to fix up – fast…..

You’ll also get good feedback on price, overall condition, and the yard, which you can’t get – from a photograph online.

2.) You enter the marketplace – with a bang! Having an open house the first day the property is on the market will create a buzz…people will get excited about this beautiful new home that’s just been listed….and that excitement might translate into a faster sale, at a better price.

3.) You buyers will get true sense of the neighborhood. Online photos can tell you what the house looks like, and sure if you use Google Maps you can pan around see what’s nearby….but you can’t actually be there. An open house allows that. You see the whole neighborhood, hear the sounds of the community, smell the fresh air….or the lack of it.

4.) Buyers will also get a chance to meet the neighbors. Sure, neighbors often visit the open house….to see what charlie’s place is really like, and what they’re asking for it. When you’re the potential buyer, talking with neighbors is great until…they have nothing to lose by calling it like it is….whereas the seller? Might be a little more – shall we say, flowery?

5.) And finally, BOTH for buyers and sellers – you get to compare homes. If you’re buying, and you visit a string of open houses, you can walk away with a clear picture about the homes, their prices, their locations,. And the neighbors. Great information to have. And if you’re a seller, you can visit other homes for sale on your neighborhood….and see how your house compares. Because competition isn’t just something happening among buyers – sellers to compete with every other house on the market, in their price range.

OK? So there’s the quick list of reasons why open houses are still totally legit, even in a digital world.

And – oh wait. I forgot one,. Maybe the best one of all.

They might have cookies.

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