The RSPS Designation

We’re going to wrap up with a quick talk about something you need to know about – if you’re buying a second home.

Whether that second home is a rental property, a retirement home, or a private getaway just for you – and the family, quite often people discover that second home on their summer vacation. And if that happens to you – you’ll want to talk to a REALTOR® with the expertise and experience to make that second home purchase happen as smoothly as possible. A REALTOR® who has studied to become an RSPS. A Resorts and Second Home Property Specialist.

This is huge – if you’re looking for a second home. Because when you work with a REALTOR® with the RSPS certification, you are working with an expert, who carries the highest level of expertise in every part of the second home buying, and selling process.

REALTORS® who carry the RSPS certification go the extra mile, and take additional courses over and above the ones they need to be licensed. They have to take the RSPS course, which has a great name: the “Home Sweet (Second) Home: Vacation, Investment, Luxury Properties Course.” They also have to attend webinars, and pay the tuition – so for them? It’s an investment – in time and money.

But for you? It adds up to a lot of expertise, in the second home market.

RSPS certified REALTORS® are trained in helping their clients find the best second home out there. Trained in marketing the property when their clients sell a second home. Trained in second-home financing trends. And in helping their clients use that second home the way they want to. As a rental, or a retirement home, or as a private getaway.

These specialized market experts develop a strong foundation in issues that matter – to you.

And one more huge benefit to working with an RSPS certified REALTOR®? Their national network of colleagues. The RSPS community of REALTORS® is in every state in America. So, an RSPS-certified REALTOR® can refer you – to other RSPS-certified REALTORS®, no matter where you want to look for a second home, a resort property, a retirement home or an investment property.

So when you head out on vacation this summer – and a certain property, or certain vacation community catches your attention – talk to a REALTOR® with the RSPS certification. Talk about what you’d like that second home to be…an investment, a retirement home, or just a family getaway. And remember – this summer, mortgage interest rates are still incredibly low – which is why some people who planned on buying a second home years from now – have decided – now is the time! And they’re moving up that goal.

So -you never know. Your real estate portfolio might just double – from one house to two – if you into your very own – second home.

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