What Kind Of Buyer Are You

Welcome back to Real Estate Today and our special show – “Maximum Buying,” an in-depth look at how to make all the latest cutting edge tools work for YOU – when you buy your next home.

And now – a question: What kind of buyer – are you?

Ever hear that old saying, ‘every real estate market is different?’ Well, it’s true. What’s happening in Seattle is NOT the same as what’s happening in Cleveland.

And the same thing is true of home buyers. Every buyer is different.

Maybe, you need a lot of guidance. You’ve either never purchased a home before, or even if you have, you want to make sure you do every single thing – right. And good for you. You’re cautious. You want to take it slow. And buy a house – the right way, without making any mistakes.

So you ask your Realtor a lot of questions, including – ‘What should I do?’ “is it a good house?” And “should I buy it?”
Now, your Realtor can’t tell you what to do. Every decision is yours. But they will give you solid information, so that you have all the facts – before you make a decision.

Next up – maybe you’re a home buying expert. You’ve bought so many homes, and signed so many contracts, you already know every part of the drill upside down and inside out. You’re decisive, confident – and never in doubt.

For you? You might need a Realtor to find the best candidates, run the comps, and open the doors. But after that? you’re totally in control about what to do, and how to do it. And – you’re so smart experienced, you do one thing above all, really well. You listen.

They listen to their Realtor when they discuss comparable sales. When they discuss the rising trends in the neighborhood. When they discuss how much rent properties might bring, if the purchase is an investment. And – you listen when your Realtor explains what laws, rules and regulations might have changed – since the last time you bought a place.

You are sharp enough to gather information, rapid fire. And while you might never say ‘what should I do?’ You still rely on the expert knowledge your Realtor brings to the transaction. So you can make your decisions based on the facts.

And then you might be a buyer who’s in between those two extremes. For instance, a first time buyer who’s been taught how to do it – by your parents. Or, an experienced buyer who’s trying something new – like an investment, or a different geographic area. Or even, you could be someone who’s bought a few places but who now? wants to buy a place with friends.

So as you can see, every type of real estate buyer is unique. But you all have one big thing in common. You need solid information. Data. The facts. And not from the internet – you need the local market knowledge of real estate professionals who work in the market every single day. Who see the trends. Who know the community. Who can tell you why that lot across the street is vacant – and what’s going to be built there next year.

That local market expert is your Realtor. So go ahead. Be yourself. Be whatever kind of buyer you are. Because whether you’re a newbie, or an expert, or in-between – your Realtor will help you bring your next home purchase – to the Max!

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