What Should I Do?

Back again now with our special “The Offer.” All about getting the house you want to buy or the house you want to sell headed straight to the settlement table.

And right now let’s look at one of the most common questions buyers and sellers ask their REALTORS®, when either writing an offer or considering an offer. And that question is?

What should I do?

The fact is buyers and sellers ask their REALTORS® that question all the time. For buyers, the questions include price. How much should I pay? And also, should I get a home inspection? When should we close? And of course the biggest question of all… Out of all the homes we’ve seen, is this really – the one I should buy?

What should I do?

And of course the sellers also have lots of questions. So many offers came in, did I price the home too low? Should I have asked more? How about that settlement date? And of course the big one – out of all the offers we’ve received is this really the one I should take?

What should I do?

Yes, REALTORS® hear that question every day. But the fact is? Your REALTOR® will make none of those decisions. You will. Because no matter what the issue is, you are the bottom line. And every decision is yours to make.

Of course, it’s still fine to ask the REALTOR® what should I do. But don’t expect them to tell you… Do this, or do that. Instead, expect your REALTOR® to provide you with options and explain what each option will mean to you.

For instance if you’re wrestling with whether or not to make an offer on a property and you ask your REALTOR® what should I do? They’ll explain your options.

If you write an offer today, it might be the first one. And it might be accepted. Or, it might not. If you wait, someone else might make an offer and that one might be accepted…or it might not. And, there’s also the chance that if you wait no one else will make an offer. And in that case you might be able to come in below the list price.

Now – If you’re selling, and receive several offers, you might once again ask the REALTOR® that same question. What should I do?

And again your REALTOR® will not say do this or do that. Instead they’ll go through every offer with you and explain The good the bad and maybe the ugly.

For instance they’ll point out that while one offer has the highest price, it’s so filled with potential walkaways that you might never get to the settlement table. And they might point out that another offer has a lower price, but they’re willing to close the deal anytime you want. You might need that. So you see, price isn’t always everything, and your REALTOR® will explain the terms of each offer on the table… And how those terms will affect you.

And this is why you choose to work with a real estate professional. They will explain all your options, and what each option will mean to your own unique situation. They will draw upon their local market knowledge to provide you with all your options.

And in the end, every decision you make will be based on solid information. Not guesswork, not emotions, and not knee-jerk reactions. Rather, solid information about what’s happening in your market right now.

So. What should I do?

Get all the facts. All the data. All the information you need. And then?

Make the decision…for you.

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