Where to Go?

We are wrapping up our special show – “Snowbirds.” All about the annual migration that Americans take – from the snowy North – to the Sunny South – every winter.

Now when it comes to great places to retire, there’s certainly no problem finding one, in every part of America. Our friends over at the AARP have a great list, that includes places like Asheville, NC…and Grand Junction Colorado… Amazing places to retire. But….Asheville gets over a foot of snow every year… and Grand junction gets around 19 inches!

And since today we’re talking “Snowbirds,” which by definition means people who want to get as far away from snow – as possible, let’s wrap up the show with a quick list of five places to retire – where you will probably NEVER see a snowflake again! OK? Here we go.

Let’s start with San Luis Obispo, in California….on the pacific coast between Los Angeles and San Francisco. AARP writes the city is just wonderful, with beaches, vineyards, cultural attractions and more. Average temperature – about 60, but zero snow. And, it’s considered one of the healthiest cities in America….but it’s expensive. The median home price – just under $700,000.

Next up, another California option for retirement – San Diego. AARP reports the city has more than 140 sunny days every year, and many more partly sunny days. Temperatures range from the mid-60’s in winter, to the mid 70s in summer, without a trace of snow. And with the water, and the sports and the deep cultural roots, it’s a great bet. Median home price – around $650,000.

Now let’s more across the country, to Sarasota Florida. According to the US Climate Data center, there’s no snowfall there. And the average temperature? 73-degrees! A city of beaches, and cultural attractions….which add up to a great place for snowbirds. It’s pricey – with the median price for a single family home coming in at around $540,000.

OK now let’s look at Forth Worth Texas…again, no snow….and temperatures a lot like San Diego, going from the mid 60’s in winter to mid 70’s in summer. The median home price there? Very affordable, at just under $150,000. It’s a wonderful city, with parks every where and a fantastic 31 mile bike trail – which is appropriate, since Fort Worth is located on the route of the old west Chisholm trail.

Now onto one of the favorite retirement destinations in America…Tucson, Arizona. Also very affordable, with the median price of homes coming =in at around $155,000……bit oh that sunshine! On average it’s sunny 286 days a year! With an average temperature of 70, you’ll be out and about enjoying everything this desert jewel has to offer…..hiking, culture, cuisine and more….and – no snow. Zero. Nada!

So there you go, just a quick list of great cities a snowbird might land….when they migrate south for the winter….or for good!

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